“Get Kids Cooking” Gear Giveaway

Thank you to Pottery Barn Kids for sponsoring this post.

A number of years ago at a reading for her informative book, What to Eat, esteemed nutrition expert Marion Nestle told a rapt audience that the best way she knows to get kids to eat is to teach them to cook.

I couldn’t agree more. I also know that having some cool cooking gear is a pretty sure fire way to engage kids in the kitchen. And I can’t think of a better place to start than with those pesky packed lunches. So, I’m excited to announce today’s giveaway, designed to up the enthusiasm for cooking.

Here’s the low-down: I’m giving away two “Make Packing Lunch Fun” sets which will include a generous line-up of awesome gear from Pottery Barn Kids starting with the Playful Chefs Cooking Set featured in the photo: a sturdy apron, measuring cups, spoons, whisk, rolling pin, and other kitchen tools for smaller cooks. The giveaway will also include the following:

Love Notes

Lunch Punch Cutters


and Colorful Cold Packs

To enter, simply write a comment on the bottom of this post saying how your kids get involved in the kitchen. If you’re looking for some inspiration on cooking with your kids, this recipe for Italian Quesadillas is a new favorite in our house for school lunches and afternoon snacks.

The deadline for entering is Monday September 19, midnight Pacific Daylight Time. All entries will be entered into a random drawing and there will be two winners. You can enter only once and must be 18 years or older to win.


09.12.2011 at7:33 AM #

Stacey Poertner

My girl is only 3 but we are already getting her involved in the kitchen and she loves to make pancakes. I bought a Lighting McQueen spatula from Williams & Sonoma and she loves it. We also bought pancake molds of aninmals. We will pull up a chair and she helps pulling off the mold and flipping them on the griddle. She now gets excited every time we do this.

09.12.2011 at7:33 AM #

Mirna D

My daughter is 3 and 1/2 years old and we enjoy baking brownies together! I premeasure the ingredients for her and get the plastic mixing bowl and wooden spoon to mix the batter with and she will first pour the water, then the oil and then crack the eggs open and pour them into the brownie powder mixture and mix the batter for a few minutes and then pour out the confetti on the batter and says” there I am done now–you can bake it mommie this is so much fun-Thank you mommie πŸ™‚ ” A very special bonding moment and she gets to feel like she is a big girl now…..

09.12.2011 at7:47 AM #

Stephenie Biel

My two oldest daughters (6 &7) like to pack their snacks for school. They really enjoy washing the fruit and discussing with each other which foods are the “healthiest” pick. It’s nice to see them replicating what I’ve been teaching them all of these years.

09.12.2011 at7:48 AM #


My kids (9,7,5,& 2) love helping me in the kitchen. I name a different “suos chef” for certain meals and they love measuring, chopping (with dull knives), and stirring. We make a big deal at dinner, giving credit for the wonderful meal to the sous chef. I also like to teach them about the foods we are using and the benefits each thing has for their bodies and growth, as well as the role it plays in the recipe we are making. I also bought a kid’s cookbook for my 9yo about two years ago and we have made almost everything in the book. Her favorite is the “Ooo-la-la Omlets” and she will sometimes make one for each member of the family on a Saturday morning.

By the way, I just recently discovered your blog and I have LOVED all the fun recipes, ideas, and advice. It’s so nice to have a voice of reason in the food world and not to feel crazy or weird for wanting to feed my kids healthy, fresh foods – with a little decadence :). Thanks so much!

09.12.2011 at7:48 AM #

Katie Morford

Awesome ideas. Glad you like the blog.

09.12.2011 at8:06 AM #


With four little boys (ages 6, 4, 2, and 2), our kitchen counter is quite crowded with each boy on a stool or a chair, jostling for position around me as I cook. I have learned to slow down, not to fuss over a little spillage, and divide tasks so that each boy has a turn. So when I roll out pie crust or pizza dough, each boy gets a turn with the rolling pin. When we are making pesto, we all go outside to our herb garden to harvest basil, and then each boy takes a turn pushing the button on the food processor. I try to put healthy food within reach for them to nibble on while we cook–even if I am making something not-so-healthy. So if I am making chocolate chip cookies or seven layer bars, I put a little pile of walnuts in front of each boy, and they gobble them all up so their tummies are partially full before the cookies come out of the oven. They are great helpers!

09.12.2011 at8:06 AM #

Katie Morford

Love the tip on filling them up a bit with healthy stuff before the goodies come out.

09.12.2011 at8:07 AM #

Michelle Barr

My husband loves to cook and my two daughters help him often. Most weekends we have pancake breakfasts. They drag a chair over to the counter and help measure, pour, and make a mess, of course! We also have a garden so the girls can see the vegetables go from the backyard to the pan to the table. This time of year there is plenty of produce!

09.12.2011 at8:09 AM #

Judy manley

My son is only turning 3 but loves to be in the kitchen. He helps with every meal, getting his fruits and veggies out from the fridge, helping to wash them, and cuts if he can. (butter knife to the ends of his green beans, or he cuts the fruit down, after we do first cuts.
Its importants to us to give him choices on what he wants us to prepare, so he continues to make healthy choices going forward. he preps his lunch bag when we have lunch out at the park. (he makes mine too, just a larger version of his)

Getting them in,makes them comfortable, and shows that there is prep to each and every meal.

09.12.2011 at8:20 AM #


My kids have been helping out in the kitchen for the last few years. They love to stir, mix, and add ingredients. Now that they are older, 6 and 8, they enjoy being independent and preparing their own meals (simple meals, often grabbing yogurt and fruit as sides, rather than chips or other junk). They have also become a lot more willing to try new and different foods. I also have just come across your blog and love all the recipes and ideas that you share!

09.12.2011 at8:20 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you!

09.12.2011 at8:46 AM #


My kids help in the garden. They β™₯ to help pick fresh veggies & berries. Its fun for them to see right where their food comes from & how it grows.

09.12.2011 at8:52 AM #

Danielle Pitt

My daughter just turned 2 and I have yet to get her really involved in the cooking. I would love to get her more involved. Any suggestions would be great!!!

09.12.2011 at8:52 AM #

Katie Morford

You’ll find loads of inspiration among the comments. Even just perching her nearby to keep you company as you cook is a start

09.12.2011 at8:52 AM #

Anne Mullen

Grandchildren helping in the kitchen this summer, with the exception of Grace, the 13 year old, who did delicious whole meals, was less health-minded than pocket-minded: chocolate chip cookies and lemonade to sell at the end of our driveway for fun and profit. They were stunningly successful. Cuteness counts.

09.12.2011 at9:28 AM #

Tina Schultheiss

My girls Audrey and Lilly have been learning to cook with us in the kitchen since they were 3 years old. They love making meals that the whole family can enjoy together and trying new foods. They love to take leftovers in their lunch to school because they feel like they are at home. Home cooked and super good!

09.12.2011 at9:42 AM #


My 4 year old daughter LOVES to help cook. She will grab her little stool and run over to the “cozy place” in the kitchen where she has easy access to what I am making. Her favorite things to do are: putting together seasonings for pretty much anything, making salads, making “magic muffins” (Bob’s Red Mill Flax muffins), and, of course, making big messes.

09.12.2011 at9:44 AM #

J McKay

My girls (2 and 4) like to crack, mix, peel and of course eat eggs so baking is a favourite. The ceremony of getting the aprons from the drawer, bowls and mixing tools makes them feel important. At an age where they’re keen to “do it by myself mummy” they love to create their own yogurt desserts by serving themselves from a big pot of plain yogurt and sprinkling it with fresh or dried fruits, toasted nuts/seeds and honey. We often make pizza together either from scratch or if a quick fix is needed then use a wholemeal pitta instead.They chose toppings from a plate of ingredients and get to nibble along the way. They pick veg and herbs from an allotment garden which they helped plant, making them more likely to nibble at salad from a communal plate at lunch times which they help wash and prepare. Making a mess is a lot of the fun of their cooking, so I arm them with the spotty dustpan and brush and a sponge for clean-ups.

09.12.2011 at9:56 AM #


My two girls now 8 and 12 also love to “cook”. Starting when they could walk, I put their little kitchenette in ours. At about 6/7 they were able to make their own concoctions with ingredients from the pantry. We sometimes baked these concoctions, some were even a bit edible. It did teach them about quantities and what eggs, baking soda and baking powder do. Being able to use what ever they felt they needed with no limits (also a good lesson for me on letting go). It may seem wasteful but truly for the few times they did this it was worth the experience.
On one of her first tries solo, the 12 year old made the cookie dough and baked them only to find them to be awful, then she realized that she didn’t read the recipe thru and forgot a main ingredient.
Now she makes cookies, cakes and pasta alfredo all from scratch with her friends after school all by themselves and the 8 year old makes cookies with my help and just made us breakfast in bed (toast with butter and jam and tea)

09.12.2011 at9:56 AM #

Katie Morford


09.12.2011 at9:59 AM #

Chanda Slenk

My girls love to help in the kitchen! They’re always setting the table, counting and dumping ingredients for me, telling me what to add to a recipe. πŸ™‚ They love to watch me get the veggies from the farmer’s market ready for the week, and the more I cut up the more they eat! Great giveaway, thanks for this and for lots of great advice on your blog.

09.12.2011 at10:03 AM #

Rebecca Branch

My kids, boy and girl twins, started making cookies with their Granma Betty when they were two. They have since graduated to making eggs, cupcakes, grilling and pancakes. They are now 8. They love cooking and have a lot of fun making up their own recipes. My daughter has made blueberry cookies with her own recipe and my son love making lasagna with my husband. (No worries – we always help and surpervise with oven and stove work) My son already has a fairly sophisticated palate, his favorites right now are roasted garlic and artichokes) Both my husband and I love to cook and bake and I am very happy that it looks like my children will enjoy cooking throughout their life!!

09.12.2011 at10:15 AM #


My kids love make your own pizza night. Everyone gets a small piece of dough and all toppings are on the table. Each kid makes their own creation. Individual and healthy!

09.12.2011 at10:23 AM #

Tina C.

My 3 year old Kennedy loves helping in the kitchen. She has her own princess cookie cutters, rolling pin and mat. She enjoys making suger cookies and decorating them. Sometimes she trys to be too helpful. We are still trying to work on teaching the harmful things of the kitchen. But I’m happy she has an interest in cooking.

09.12.2011 at10:37 AM #


My son is not yet 2, so he doesn’t really help me much in the kitchen with cooking yet. He’s mostly an observer when it comes to cooking right now, but I would like to get him more involved. He does help with setting the table, unloading the dishwasher, clearing the table, “sweeping” the floor and “cleaning” his little table (he hasn’t fully got the concept on these yet, so I put them in quotes, but it’s a start, right?).

BTW, your blog is very elegant. It looks like something created for the Pottery Barn catalog (and I mean that as a compliment).

09.12.2011 at10:37 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks for the compliment!

09.12.2011 at10:50 AM #

Poornima Singh

My 5yrs loves to help and always ask what she can do to help when I start cooking. One of her favorite is to help me make rotis- A Indian bread. She rolls out the roti and makes shapes with a cookie cutter. I cook the roti on the pan once she is done. She gets so excited to have them for dinner since she made them. The 2nd best thing she likes is to peel boiled eggs, I often make a tomato curry with boiled eggs in it. She takes so much pride in very neatly peeling the eggs first, rinsing them in the water and putting them away in a clean plate. She then adds the boiled eggs to the tomato curry. She always seems so much more excited to eat it after, when she has helped me. She says that some day she will learn to cook just like me.

09.12.2011 at10:59 AM #


Last year my eight year old daugther Sofia and I started the tradition of Sofia Tuesdays, when we both cook a meal for the family. Sofia went from being afraid of a knife or turning the stove on to becoming a kitchen wizard. What I find really fun is that she really enjoys the process of cooking, setting the table and then sharing the meal she has made with the family. I think she really feels a great sense of accomplishment after each meal and many feel very proud of her work after many praises from the whole family.

09.12.2011 at11:00 AM #

Francine Poulton

My girls are 3 and 6 and they love helping in the kitchen. I ask them to help read the recipes and they love looking in the fridge and pantry for the ingredients. This has helped them to learn their colors, reading and different types of fruits and vegetables. As they get older they will be able to learn the measurements as well. I try to turn any chore we do into a learning experience for them as well as making it a fun “game”.

09.12.2011 at11:25 AM #


My children (ages 3,6 and 8) all love to cook with me. Lately, it’s been a “battle to the stool”, as my 3 year old is increasingly possessive about cooking with mommy and the stepladder that they use when they help. But my favorite memory of my daughter in the kitchen occured when she was three (she is now 8). We were baking cookies and I turned my back on her to get something and she turned the Kitchen-aid mixer on full blast without locking it down. Flour went everywhere! After that I learned to keep a close eye on her when working in the kitchen together!

09.12.2011 at11:25 AM #

Katie Morford

That’s a great story.

09.12.2011 at11:28 AM #

Cindy Santa Ana

I get my kids interested in cooking by asking them to harvest the veggies from the garden. I’m also going to teach an after-school program this fall to elementary kids on how to grow their own food, pack their own healthy lunches and snacks. Love these!!!

09.12.2011 at11:33 AM #


My Girlies (6 & 2) love to help in the kitchen. My oldest especially loves to help her dad crack the eggs for Saturday morning breakfasts. πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at11:53 AM #


I have 2 boys (ages 4 & 7), which love to cook and even clean up after our newest creation. I can’t keep them out of the kitchen when it time to make something yummy. I love to make getting a meal fun and try new things to keep it from being just a meal. Whenever possible my kids help with packing and picking out what they will have in their lunch boxes. I think kids who are involved in their meals (prep/cook/packing) are liking to try new things and get excited about what they will be eating.

09.12.2011 at12:18 PM #


My daughter loves to help in the kitchen. She is only one so I let her help stir and add things when she can. She loves to play with dough too. She is going to be my little chef one day πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at12:52 PM #


I let my two boys help in age appropriate ways – setting the table, picking out food at the store, stirring food, adding food I have cut to the bowl/plate, etc.

09.12.2011 at1:00 PM #


my son loves to help in the learning tower, mostly doing dishes after cooking is over- or trying to help roll out tortillas! he does love getting some bites of snack while we chop veggies too!

09.12.2011 at1:07 PM #


We have 2 little boys, a toddler and an infant. We are at the beginning stages of cooking with our toddler. He loves to mix things. Including him in the process gives him something productive to do and keeps him from just tearing through the kitchen. There may be a cooking mess after, but it’s no worse than the mess a little boy can make of your cupboards….and it’s a lot more fun for all of us!

09.12.2011 at1:13 PM #


My boys LOVE to help make pancakes every Saturday morning with daddy. They love to help stir whatever is on the stove, try to spread stuff on sandwiches, etc. Every time I go into the kitchen, my 3-year-old drags out the step stool wanting to help!

09.12.2011 at1:31 PM #


My son is 3 1/2 and loves to help in the kitchen! He gets out his “big boy” stool and loves to cut vegetables using a plastic knife. He also loves to pour in ingredients using the measuring cup and help stir. His new favorite thing to make are peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He spreads the peanut butter and jelly and then uses a cookie cutter to cut a
fun shape in the bread. He loves being my sous chef!

09.12.2011 at2:34 PM #


As a mom to a 1 and 3 year old, healthy muffins are a must have in our house. My 3 year old son and I have a “Muffin Monday” every week. He loves to pour and stir, and especially loves his apron! The best reward is when he explains to people what is in them and why they are good for you!

09.12.2011 at2:34 PM #

Katie Morford

“Muffin Monday”….I love it.

09.12.2011 at2:38 PM #


My daughter is nearly two and although she can’t yet do too much cooking, she sure does love to watch! I often hold her when I’m stirring soups or sauces and let her help hold the spoon. She gets so excited to eat something she ‘helped’ make too! Thanks for the giveaway – great prize!

09.12.2011 at5:03 PM #

Krystal carroll

My little man is three and he loves to pull
Up his stool and help me measure, count and stir anytime
I cook!

09.12.2011 at5:04 PM #


My almost 3 year old son loves to help me in the kitchen — just this morning he ‘invented’ banana french toast and loved being “Chef Bailey” to help me every step of the way up until putting the french toast on the griddle. πŸ™‚ I love that he’s interested and involved in cooking food for our family and I hope it goes on for a long time.

Thanks for the chance to win too!

09.12.2011 at5:05 PM #


I had twin boys almost four years ago. Starting around the age of one, I included them when I was cooking in the kitchen. I would set them on top of the counter with the big mixer in between them, and we would add the ingredients together. They each took turns dumping things into the bowl. They LOVED it. They both LOVE cooking in the kitchen! At Christmas time, we make various types of cookies and they go crazy. If they see me at the kitchen counter/stove, they run and get their stools or a chair so they can help mommy! And, there have been times they run and look for a chef hat and apron-so they dress the part as well! πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:06 PM #


My daughter is too young- 9 months- but I am hoping she can at least sprinkle sugar during the holidays this year

09.12.2011 at5:06 PM #

Katie Morford

what a sweet image.

09.12.2011 at5:06 PM #


My 5 year old son and 3 year old daughter LOVE to help cook in the kitchen with me! I find that if they help cook it, they will most likely eat it! Some of the things we make are: Beef Wontons, all types of Breakfast foods, Eggs, Pancakes, Quiche, etc…they also love to bake with me! They help me crack all the eggs, pour all the ingredients into the bowls, etc. These are memories I’m making…but they don’t see it that way…they just see it as FUN! : )

09.12.2011 at5:07 PM #


I have 3 children who all love to help in the kitchen, they all put their aprons on and get out their rolling pins when we make pies, and they love to wash the fruits and veg etc . My middle child LOVES to cook and help and will be there at every opportunity, tonight they helped me make cupcakes for their grandma’s birthday. Mt eldest is liking the washing up at the moment, so long may that last πŸ™‚ Kids are so much fun to cook with πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:08 PM #


My girls harvest the veggies/herbs from the garden if needed and they help prep the salad. My oldest who is 11 will make some dishes on her own ex. beefy mac, baked ziti, eggs. My youngest likes to bake with me!

09.12.2011 at5:10 PM #


My son is 3 and he loves to cook. I get him involved by having the ingredients all ready in dishes and have him pour them in and mix. We work on our colors, shapes, and letters while doing so. He thinks it is so fun that he wants to cook dinner almost every night now. His favorite is pizza and spreading the sauce and dumping the cheese. How fun it is to watch it cook in the oven too!

09.12.2011 at5:11 PM #

Carolyn Sanders

I can’t keep my daughter out of the kitchen! She’s only 3 but she can now crack an egg, peel a potato, and use the Kitchen Aid mixer properly! I keep her busy by practicing measuring flour, sugar, etc. in a separate bowl and then let her pour it in herself. She is always so proud to do it on her own!

09.12.2011 at5:13 PM #


Every Saturday morning we wake up and make pancakes for breakfast. My daughter, who is three, enjoys helping mommy mix the batter and measure all the ingredients. I love spending my mornings with her in the kitchen.

09.12.2011 at5:14 PM #

Courtney Williams

My 2 and 4 year olds help with everything from stirring to breaking eggs to pouring pre-measured ingredients. They are much more excited to eat the things they have a hand in creating. My 9 month old is happy to just sit and watch.

09.12.2011 at5:15 PM #

Jimmi Olesh

I know it’s a SHOCKER but I do not cook. Being a teacher you would think I could follow directions, but I can’t. So, I was lucky to marry a man that cooks! He was taught by his single mother from when he was really young. My husband as decided to teach our children how to cook. The best part is that he is using the same Mickey Mouse cookbook that his mother used with him. It is amazing to see all the traditions being passed on through the generations. That cook book probably looks tore up to anyone else, but to us it is a priceless book. My son and husband have a blast cooking from it and spending time together.

09.12.2011 at5:15 PM #

Lee Ann Johnson

My little girls Madison 5, and Davianna 3, love to make pancakes. Every Saturday morning they pull their chairs up to the counter and help to mix the batter. They each break an egg, they each put a tsp. of something in and then they take turns mixing. Then as we cook the pancakes they each flip their own and take them to the table. We began doing this in June and ever since then they always finish their breakfast. It is great to see the pride they feel when they do this .. even if we have to eat an egg shell or two .

09.12.2011 at5:15 PM #


Sophia is my little sous chef and looks forward to chopping soft veggies and fruits with the butter knife while either I or my sister cook dinners together. She also loves to set the table and to serve the meals. She just turned four years old and she says she will be a baker when she grows up. I am the cook in the family, and not the best baker, so I am looking forward to being the sous chef for her own creations.

09.12.2011 at5:16 PM #

Kathy - Panini Happy

My 3-1/2 yo daughter and I have matching aprons so she likes us to first put those on before we start anything. πŸ™‚ She loves to help me bake, adding in the ingredients and stirring. My 20 mo son usually looks on from his high chair but soon we’re going to need an apron for him too. πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:16 PM #

Mary H

My kids love to be in the kitchen. My 14 yr old son will make delicious meals on his own, already.

My four old daughter is a joy in the kitchen!! She automatically clears her place at the table & still enjoys washing dishes πŸ˜‰ But she loves to make oatmeal for herself and her 3 yr old sister. She does instant oatmeal (with supervision), punching in numbers and so forth. At lunch, she likes when I put the large “stool” down to make the perfect heighted prep station for her where she will diligently put together a peanut butter & Jelly or meat & cheese sandwhich. Then she’ll take out the butterfly sandwich cutter to share with her sister. Together they get chips & juice from the pantry & go to eat outside together. Last night for snack, she made several trips to the kitchen to rinse grapes for herself & her sister. She has such a heart for food prep & serving others in love <3

09.12.2011 at5:17 PM #

Sabrina S.

We love to watch FN! My oldest has talked and asked about how to be a “chef on tv.” She loves Giada and always wants to cook her recipes. We have so much fun searching the internet or picking out recipes from cookbooks we have. Both of my girls (3&5) help gather the ingredients. They love to measure and dump the ingredients. Tatum bakes cakes, pies and cookies with grandma and is always at my side with a wooden soon. She send to enjoy her food more when she’s had a hand in making it. Reagan gets just as excited, but her favorite party is licking the beaters. I’m not a chef by any means, but my girls would never know. I love sharing the time and making memories.

09.12.2011 at5:18 PM #


My four year old son loves to help me in the kitchen, his job is dumping the ingredients into the bowl. His absolute favorite thing is stirring, he hasn’t quite mastered that yet!

09.12.2011 at5:19 PM #


My son is only 10 months old, so he doesn’t help much with cooking yet. While I’m cooking he is usually playing with his toys we keep in the kitchen or playing with a wooden spoon!

09.12.2011 at5:22 PM #


My daughter is always with me in the kitchen! She loves to do whatever I do and wants to learn so that she can cook too! When she visits her grandparents she loves to help them in the kitchen too! My great grandmother had a bakery long ago and I think that my daughter got it from her! Im always trying to find ways to make her school lunch and other meals interesting for her!

09.12.2011 at5:22 PM #

Modesty Ermis

I have two daughters (4 and 7) they both have mine and my fathers love for cooking. My 4 year old LOVES to help me make cookies and beats the eggs before we add them in and stirs the flour, salt, baking soda, etc before it’s added to the wet ingredients. Whenever she sees me using our standing mixer, before I can even ask for her help she’s already dragging a chair into the kitchen and washing her hands. πŸ™‚ My oldest daughter helps me in the kitchen by preparing a side at dinner, if we’re making peas she’ll snap them by herself wash them and get the water ready. My 7 year also makes her own lunch in the morning for school as well. It’s so nice now that they’re getting older, and are actually big helps when we’re baking or cooking!

09.12.2011 at5:25 PM #


My 3-year-old loves to cook with her daddy and me. Her favorite is what she calls her ‘recipe’. She poors water into a pot, halves noodles and adds to the pot and we turn on the stove for her. She eats her recipe with a butter sauce.
We also made sugar cookies one evening. She added ingredients to a mixer, helped me roll out the dough, and used cookie cutters to create fun-shaped cookies. I then turned on the oven and in a short time, we enjoyed our cookies.

09.12.2011 at5:30 PM #


I am a mom of 3, ages 20,19,and 2. I try to involve all 3 in the kitchen when we can all get together. I am starting my little guy even earlier.He loves to help out where he can. I think its important to let them help and show kids the healthier from scratch way.Good eating habits start early.

09.12.2011 at5:30 PM #

Phyllis Martin

Well my grandchildren, Love to help especially breaking the eggs, and running the mixer.
LOgan is 12 yr. old he love green pepper, he will even eat them out of the garden, especially when he think I do not see him.
His special is making pancake and french toast

09.12.2011 at5:32 PM #

Erin L

My daughter is still very young but loves to be in the kitchen with me. I look forward to future cooking/baking sessions when she can participate more and enjoy creating things with me. Right now she is more of a taste-tester! My husband loves to cook also so I’m sure someday we will have many happy memories of time spent together as a family in the kitchen!

09.12.2011 at5:36 PM #


I play music in the kitchen and dance/sing to the radio while I cook/bake and always have good smells coming. He is only 16 months old and already loves being in the kitchen with mama because of it. He will dance along and I give him a spoon with whatever I’m making on it for him to lick and he dances around licking the spoon. We have a grand time!

09.12.2011 at5:38 PM #

Laney Stewart

I bought my son a mini kitchen to cook along side us. He is too small for cooking yet but thought what a good way to get him started!!!! He loves it! I also saftied the kitchen and let him rummage through the drawers!!!

09.12.2011 at5:39 PM #


My little boy likes to pick out fresh fruits and veggies from the Farmer’s Market. When we get home we sample a little bit of everything together. He also likes to put toppings on everyone’s individiual pizza, just the way we like it. Baby sister helps us by banging her wooden spoons on the the floor to make music for the chefs to dance to! πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:39 PM #

Teresa Hemsworth

I make my 3 kids the “sous chefs”, they chop/grate/whisk/measure whatever the recipe calls for! Its great math skills, counting, and reading! Plus a whole lot of fun and family time. And, we usually are watching the Giada or Cupcake Wars!

09.12.2011 at5:42 PM #


I get my kids involved in the kitchen by taking them to the Farmer’s Market, talking about what ingredients they like and what they think will go together. I try to get them involved in recipes that they can easily help with: http://justjennrecipes.com/creme-fruit/2009/06/28/
All of that makes them much more willing to try new things and be involved in the kitchen!

09.12.2011 at5:42 PM #

Kimberly Wells

My son loves baking with mom and he is only 4. We pull up a chair to the countertop and get all the ingredients together. He enjoys adding all the stuff from eggs, oil, water, chocolate chips and whatever else our recipe calls for. We each take turns mixing and best of all scraping our spoons to the bottom of the bowl. My daughter is 1 and now she pulls a chair up to see what is going on. I just bought aprons for both of them to match mine so we will all have many more fun memories of baking in the kitchen.

09.12.2011 at5:42 PM #

allison kelley

I love seeing all three of my kids lined up at the counter (7, 5, and 3 years old). We go right down the line all adding ingredients and doing the mixing. My oldest daughter loves to read the recipes as my 5 year old reaches for the right utensils. They love to create their own “soups” mixing anything they can find together to make the perfect treat.

09.12.2011 at5:43 PM #


My 4 year old sob helps mr every chance he gets. He puts on his “apron” (gardening apron from joanne’s!) and tells me he’s my number 1 helper! It makes my day!

09.12.2011 at5:43 PM #

Denise T.

My daughter is 5 and has been in helping in the kitchen for a couple of years. She helps stir, spread, plate and even clean. She just started kindergarten so now she helps pack her lunch a few of the nights too!

09.12.2011 at5:45 PM #

Allison M.

I’ve found baking to share is the best way to get my 5 year old involved. She loves to help, so we combined it with giving and sharing. Learning in the kitchen and sharing all in one!

09.12.2011 at5:46 PM #


My daughter Madison’s curiosity with the kitchen had started from an early age. She is currently 4yrs old but I’ve let her help me out with whatever I felt was simple, fun, and safe since the age of 2 and a half. She loves to help prepare meals and pack her lunches. From washing veggies and fruit. To spreading the peanut butter on her sandwiches. She also loves using the hand mixer and scooping batters into the cupcake liners. It doesn’t stop at food though. She loves helping make play dough and salt dough ornaments during the holidays πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:47 PM #

Edna Tovar

My two year old daughter and i love baking. Even though shes only two she has learned(: We love baking cakes for special ocassions or for fun.The part she enjoys the most is baking cookies she loves picking at the cookie dough with her tiny hands(:

09.12.2011 at5:49 PM #


My daughter is only 2 1/2 but she is already a big helper in the kitchen. She makes a wonderful banana bread. All I do is measure the ingredients, but she stirs, pours…and eats the rewards! She also loves seasoning potatoes. I put out the spices and she goes to town. πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:49 PM #


Each week one of my kids acts as sous chef. That week they get to suggest menu items, as well as a special treat. They get to go grocery shopping and also have to help prepare at least 3 meals. I have always had my kids working in the kitchen with me it is a favorite place for all of us.

09.12.2011 at5:53 PM #

Laura W.

My 3 year old loves to help me in the morning pack lunches for her two older brothers (8 & 6). And all three of them love helping any chance they get with dinner or baking!

09.12.2011 at5:58 PM #

Kelli L

I never was talked how to cook or the appreciation of cooking when I was young. Today, I love baking and use it often as a stress reliever πŸ™‚ My daughter is four and I have been determined since day one to make sure she loves to cook and desires healthy and nutritious food. She loves helping me out in any way she can….she learns about ingredients, measurements, textures and tastes. I am always looking for new and fun things to teach and cook with her so thank you for all your ideas and this giveaway πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at5:58 PM #


My daughter is 3 and she loves to help in the kitchen. She has her own little apron. One of her favorite things is baking. She helps me measure the ingrdients and she knows how to use the kitchenaid mixer. She also helps me make dinner almost every night. She plans to cook dinner all by heself soon. πŸ™‚
She is also great with setting the table, cleaning up, and emptying the dishwasher.

09.12.2011 at6:00 PM #

Lisa Nelson

I get my kids involved in the kitchen by taking them shopping with me. Often they pick a food they want to try and then we research a recipe together. Then we all get together in the kitchen to try it. It’s really fun to see them help read the recipe and then put the ingredients together. In the end after we try the recipe we vote whether it’s a “keeper” ot not!

09.12.2011 at6:00 PM #


My daughter, almost 6, loves being in the kitchen helping Mommy! She puts on her apron, rolls up her sleeves and helps me measure, pour and mix. One of her favorite things to do is help me put all the toppings on homemade pizza. Every Sunday night is “Pizza Night” at our house. She is always so proud of what she helps make.

09.12.2011 at6:06 PM #


My little one is 4 and she is just now getting to the point where she wants to help me make things, so I give her every opportunity that I can to help. She helps me mix mostly, but she feels like she’s helping and it’s so much fun to involve her. She just started preschool a few weeks ago and I was worried because she’s never been a sandwich eater. By letting her pick out all her ingredients and cut her own sandwich with the cookie cutter of her choice… she will now eat a sandwich. Getting little ones involved makes all the difference in the world.

09.12.2011 at6:07 PM #


I have 3 kiddos – ages 2, 4, and 6 – who LOVE pancakes. So on the weekends we work together to make the magic happen! Now, we’re not working from scratch here…Costco’s Krusteaz pancake mix is the crowd-pleaser in our home πŸ™‚ But the simplicity lends itself to allowing the kids to help Mommy. They take turns measuring & pouring in the water, pancake mix, and added fruit (usually blueberries). And of course their fave part is stirring it all together! I’ve always felt the best things in life aren’t things so these moments together – while simple – will hopefully be cherished for years to come.

09.12.2011 at6:09 PM #


My child is 2 and just started helping out pouring and mixing. He was so excited that he talked about it all day! πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at6:14 PM #

Susan Griffiths

Our kitchen time actually starts at the farmer’s market, the food coop or the grocery store which is a weekly family event. Both of our children (4 and 17M) enjoy shopping where they get to help select food and get to try samples of some of the food we’re purchasing. My 4 year old has been in the kitchen with me since he was old enough to play with measuring cups and dried pasta and bang on pots and pans. Pizza, mashed potatoes, Giada’s meatballs, veggies, fruit, cakes – whatever was on the menu he was helping me cook. My kids’ nanny is from Guatemala and so on rainy days (before he was in school and when they couldn’t go to the playground), Myriam would mix up a big batch of Champurrada’s and then use the funky Playdough pieces to cut out whacky cookie shapes. For my son’s third birthday we got him a chef hat and apron and 2 kiddie cookbooks. Although we’ve made some of the recepies – he’s more like his grandmother and really just likes to look at the pictures! LOL. Even with all that kitchen time, my son still won’t eat vegetables – so I’ve become very adept at hiding them. My 17M daughter on the other hand will dig into a bowl of salad and just chomp away on lettuce, arugula, whatever. I’ve enjoyed discovering your blog – & especially love that you’re using quotes from Marion Nestle and Michael Pollen. Thanks!!!

09.12.2011 at6:17 PM #

Kim Videkovich

I want to do more to involve my boys (5 & 3) in the kitchen, and all of the comments are giving me great ideas. So far they help stir once in awhile, but I know that we would all benefit from letting them do more. Thanks for the great ideas!

09.12.2011 at6:18 PM #


My 3 year old loves helping to cook! His new favorite is making his own “lunchable” in a bento box. I try to explain how our lunch makes us stronger than the store bought since he is always trying to win at races,etc πŸ™‚ He loves to cut the fresh turkey slices into shapes with cookie cutters and adding fresh fruits, veggies, and organic cheeses.

09.12.2011 at6:18 PM #

Lyndsay Westby-Gibson

My son loves to pour. It doesn’t matter if it’s honey or flour, water or dog food. I let him do all the pouring once I’ve done the measuring (he’s only 15 months!).

09.12.2011 at6:26 PM #


My daughter just turned 4, but I started early. She sat in her Bumbo on the counter as I made all of her baby food myself and then continued to keep her on the counter to pour ingredients into bowls as a toddler. Now she helps with dinner every night and could probably do it herself if she were allowed to use a knife πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at6:27 PM #


My 3 year old little boy LOVES helping in the kitchen. We pick oranges at his grandad’s farm and he loves using our electric orange juicer. There is a photo of him doing this on my Facebook page. He also loves to crack the eggs when I bake too! I think he’ll be a chef someday!

09.12.2011 at6:30 PM #

Laila Plant

My little one likes to help me make cookies. We both use aprons and pretend we work at a pastry shop. She loves it (and I do too)!

09.12.2011 at6:32 PM #

Christine Matash

My daughter is 5 years old and we have been cooking and baking together for a long time. We started when she was very young with cookies. Now we do a lot more and she loves it. She even has 3 aprons that she loves wearing because she is a chef. She just started Kindergarten and I have been making with her help Bento lunches. We love spending time together in the kitchen. I even started a blog to show off some of the things we make.

09.12.2011 at6:38 PM #


my two oldest love measuring and mixing the ingredients in the bowls..

09.12.2011 at6:41 PM #


My 4 year old is a very curious and tactile learner. She wants to feel, smell and touch any ingredient I’ll let her. She loves to squish her hands in the rice. We talk about colors and texture and volume. When we are prepping something, she is in charge of whisking, mixing (by hand) and she pours the pre measured ingredients into the bowl/pan. Of course if we bake, she gets to lick the spoon.

09.12.2011 at6:43 PM #

Hayley T.

I got my daughter enthusiastic about cooking by sharing the adventures of Sunny Baudelare, the youngest child in the Lemony Snickett “A Series of Unfortunate Event” series. Sunny couldn’t talk, but she could bake! We’d try to make some of the dishes she created for her siblings, friends, and the evil villans!

09.12.2011 at6:52 PM #

Jamie f

My boys (3 & 4) absolutely love to be in the kitchen… They make there on drinks. We have the milk where they can reach and pour it themselves. Also they love helping me make grilled cheese sandwiches which are their favorite.. I love making cookies with them too because we all make such a mess!

09.12.2011 at6:55 PM #


my daughter loves measuring the ingredients!

09.12.2011 at6:58 PM #

Rachel Pearson

My two year old son LOVES to help me make cookies…This really means that he dips them in melted almond bark and then pours an entire container of sprinkles on one cookie, but hey, who cares! He is having fun and we are spending time together! He also loves to get his 5 month sister in on the act and hand her a spatula covered in frosting, almond bark, or sprinkles. Basically whatever he can get his hands on. Kitchen time at my house is fun and dirty. We make cupcakes and frost them with spray frosting (most of the time I end up covered in it) and we make Mickey Mouse pancakes or jsut about anything else we can. I love cooking with my little monkeys and hope that they love to cook with me a long time!

09.12.2011 at7:09 PM #

Amy Timms

My almost 5 year old daughter, loves to help me in the kitchen. She says, “I love it, it’s really neat.” She cooks almost everything with me.

09.12.2011 at7:12 PM #

Ericka Kraft

There were times when my kids would all want something different to eat/snack on. So, what I decided to do is have them write their ideas down on a piece of paper, fold it up, and stick it in the jar in the center of the counter. I reminded them that their ideas had to be healthy but fun. I told them that one kid could pick from the jar only once a day and everyone could help with whether it was dinner or a snack (most of the time we had dinner ideas in the jar – if you decide to do both, have separate jars;). It was always fun to have family time together and the kids could also learn how to cook. It sure made the time pass by and in the end the kids were so happy that they helped cook dinner for their family. A final note, it also encouraging to have kids participate in the kitchen. It not only teaches them about food or cooking, but you can teach them what other fruits/herbs/spices/vegetables, etc., can also be used in or with.

09.12.2011 at7:12 PM #

Katie Morford

Love the jar idea

09.12.2011 at7:16 PM #


My two year old daughter loves to help in the kitchen any way she can. We use a little table so she can see all that is happening. From cracking eggs to sifting flour, she is always right by my side. I treasure these moments with my daughter and look forward to making many more dishes together. πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at7:35 PM #


My daughter Audrey is almost 6, she has been helping in the kitchen since she was not quite 2. We do Mis en place for most recipes, so we can make sure we have everything. She loves to cut mushrooms, carrots, celery and tomatoes and the eat them, She likes to measure, pour and stir and she is a great decorator of cakes and cookies..
We have a great time in the kitchen.

09.12.2011 at7:38 PM #


My seven-year-old daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. She especially enjoys baking chocolate chip cookies. Her job is to pour the ingredients in the bowl and mix the dough. Her treat is to eat the first cookie hot from the oven.

09.12.2011 at7:45 PM #

Jessica G.

We have a small kitchen, so sometimes I let the girls – ages 4 and 7, bring in a chair to stand on (or they sit on the counter). I have found that if they help prepare their food, they tend to eat it too! Assembling mini-pizzas, finding new bases (tortillas, naan bread, etc…) and making sauce from scratch have been a big hit.

09.12.2011 at7:53 PM #


My daughter (4.5) made biscuits with me tonight and stirred the eggs. She loves to help. Her almost 2 year old brother plays in the play kitchen while I cook.

09.12.2011 at7:55 PM #


Our family loves to make our own graham crackers. My older two kids are only two and three, so it takes a lot of patience, but it is so worth it! They are so proud of themselves for rolling out the dough and we practice our shapes when we cut them out.

09.12.2011 at8:04 PM #


My three year old son loves to help me in the kitchen. He really loves making his own pizzas.

09.12.2011 at8:05 PM #


My 5 year old daughter and 3 year old son like to see what I’m cooking in the kitchen. They ask a lot of questions about food and things around the kitchen. Once in a while I would let them help me around the kitchen. They like to measure the ingredients, stir the batter or push the button on the blender (when making smoothie). I take them to cooking class for kids every week in the children museum at the city where we live and they’re very excited to learn how to cook.

09.12.2011 at8:14 PM #

Leslie G

My sons are 1 and 2 and since my husband works most nights so they are my big helpers in the kitchen. We wash hands and then get down to business. My youngest sits in the high chair and cheers for his brother each time I say “good job”. Also his big brother loves the praise he gets from his little brother. Next we cut up snacks for his little brother. I cut them and my 2 year old hands them to his brother (while taking turns eating every other bite). He loves to bring me supplies from the pantry and help pour the milk. And after I finish mixing the ingredients he loves to let me know if I did a good job or not. He tells me “it smells good” and with a loud sniff hands it back and says ready. It is a joy to have my little boys in the kitchen with me. It may take three times as long but every night they are eager to join me and that makes my heart smile.

09.12.2011 at8:14 PM #


I have great memories of baking with my mother and my girls (7 & 9) have always enjoyed helping me in the kitchen. It is a great way of spending time together. A lot of great conversations start over a mixing bowl or a cutting board.

09.12.2011 at8:15 PM #


My daughter is 4 and has helped in the kitchen since she was 18 months old. We bake mostly from scratch, so she measures flour/milk/sugar/etc in measuring cups or spoons. She also has a plastic serrated knife from the little chef’s academy and is participating in chopping up fruits/veggies/pastry. She will help knead bread, mix whatever is in the bowl, pick out fun cupcake liners and fetch the trays. One of her favorite tasks is being in charge of herbs – or rubs, as we call them – reading the letters off the label and rubbing them onto our dinner feasts. From fetching ingredients to doing the dishes, there is really nothing she is not into, because we integrate her in everything- except if it contains boiling water on the stove type elements. We make it super fun, flicking flour on faces and licking the bowls as we go, but from practicing patience and letting go of the “control factor” we have all benefited beyond measure πŸ˜‰

09.12.2011 at8:22 PM #


My husband and I both enjoy getting our boys – ages 6 & 4 – and 18 month daughter involved in preparing meals. We put our daughter in her hair chair and let her “play” with her food while we cook. The boys have aprons and chef hats with their names embroidered on them, so they dress in their attire before beginning. We pull chairs into the kitchen for them and they wash fruits/veggies, help pour ingredients into the prep dishes, they stir, shake, sprinkle, blend, and chop. We have fun test-tasting as we go and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of cooking together. They glow a little extra when we sit and eat the food they helped make.

09.12.2011 at8:25 PM #


I get the girls involved by letting them help cook their lunches and by helping set the table.

09.12.2011 at8:40 PM #


My 4 year old son loves to help as often as possible. He makes a mean bowl of “best eggs ever” which is what we call scrambled eggs. He mixes in bowl – i cook. And he loves gadgets – so when it comes to making mashed potatoes, he loves to use the mixer and owns that project. Using the mixer is a thrill for him. He is so proud to tell everyone his contribution to dinner.

09.12.2011 at8:51 PM #

Melissa Adams

I have recently begun making bread from absolute scratch….my two oldest (ages 4 and 2) love putting their aprons on and pulling chairs up to the counter to participate. They help measure and pour ingredients and love watching the dough swirl around. I use most of the dough to make loaves but I always give the kids a little to pat out and cover with butter, sugar, and cinnamon to make cinnamon rolls. This is of course their favorite part and I think half of it gets eaten before it ever enters the oven πŸ™‚ It’s a great bonding time with the kids, I think it really makes them feel good to feel like they’re helping, and the best part is they get to eat it!

09.12.2011 at8:58 PM #


My daughter is 3 and has decided that she is a chef. She likes to hold the mixer when I make cake or cookie dough. She likes to help me stir anytime I need to mix ingredients and likes to assist with cracking eggs. She wears my apron and stands on a chair and helps me. She does not do dishes though..maybe PBK can make something that will make dishes fun!!

09.12.2011 at9:10 PM #


My kids love to help in the kitchen especially using the pepper mill.

09.12.2011 at9:14 PM #


My little helper may only be 17 months old but she loves helping (elping as she calls it) mommy in the kitchen. Just the other day I put her in her high chair in the kitchen and we made a chocolate chip cake together to take to grandmas house. I put a big bowl on her high chair tray and I let her help me pour the ingredients one by one in the bowl. Then we held on to the spatula together and stirred the batter up. She had the biggest smile on her face while she was helping and shouted hooray quite a few times. I’m excited for our next cooking adventure together. We are going to make Halloween cookies together and she’s going to help with the decorating. Can’t wait. Love being a mom and getting to make special memories with my baby girl!

09.12.2011 at9:19 PM #


My little one is still too young to technically help, but I try to talk to her (when I remember!) & tell her what I’m doing, or what’s what – show her whats in the bowl or that I’m stirring, etc. I’ve made several comments to my hubby that I can’t wait til she’s older & can help *as in stirring, pouring in ingredients, etc.* πŸ™‚

09.12.2011 at9:38 PM #


I have 3 kids and my daughters are especially loving helping with meals. I include them from the very beginning. It starts with Meal Planning, Then grocery shopping when they each are in charge of specific ingredients then they have more invested and are more likely to eat! when they’ve planned, shopped, and help prepare the meal!

09.12.2011 at9:47 PM #


My two year old daughter, Genevieve, loves cooking with me. Our favorite treat to make together is chocolate chip cookies. She pulls always pulls a dining room chair over to the kitchen counter and helps me arrange the ingredients and measuring cups. She is so familiar with the routine that she will often remind me of anything missing. Genevieve still has a limited vocabulary so when I forgot to get out the hand mixer the last time we made cookies, she said, “Mommy! Chrrrrrrrr-rrrrrr,” and motioned a circle.

She and I count each time we measure an ingredient into the mixing bowl and her favorite ingredient is the last, chocolate chips. We always eat a few chocolate chips from the top of the measuring cup before pouring them into the mixing bowl. After the cookies are in the oven I turn on the oven light and we sit together (on her little toddler-sized chairs) in front of the oven door, watching the cookies bake. The cooled cookies are enjoyed as we sit in her little chairs. Genevieve will often bring a cookie to daddy, with a little bite missing.

The remaining dough is frozen, and we can enjoy many more evenings of sitting together in front of the warm oven watching cookies bake.

09.12.2011 at10:01 PM #


My 21 month old daughter is always at my legs helping taste test whatever I am cooking. She also helps me pick out my utensils and measuring cups πŸ™‚

09.13.2011 at2:42 AM #


My son is very active in helping me prepare meals.. He likes to add ingredients and stir the bowl. His big thing is now learning how to measure out flour and scrape off the excess from the measuring cup – and that is saying a lot for a 4 year old!

09.13.2011 at3:39 AM #


My daughter likes to help out any way she can. She usually needs her step stool. We made stuffed peppers last weekend and tuna salad. She does what she can to mix things, add things, and stir. She even helps empty the diswasher. I love to spend time cooking with her. We make eggless cupcakes because she has food allergies. Pick Me!

09.13.2011 at4:57 AM #


My son is only 16 months old but he loves to stand on a chair while his father and I prepare dinner. He also looks to look on while one of us stirs something on the stovetop. He has been involved in preparing pizza. He helps spread the pizza sauce and loves to sprinkle the cheese on top.

09.13.2011 at5:02 AM #

Erin Blunt

We’re already prepping our nearly 2 year old to have a love for cooking. My husband and I have dreams of opening a little gourmet restaurant when our girls are older. We have a passion for discovering perfect flavor combinations with healthy and premium quality ingredients and cooking brings our family together after a long day. As of now, our oldest is still working on spreading peanut butter, but she just loves putting on her apron and helping mommy. She would absolutely love utensils that are all hers!

09.13.2011 at5:44 AM #

Amy Moore

Our two year old daughter used to be scared when we would use certain appliances in the kitchen. We found, though, that if we put her up in her high chair where she can see what’s going on that she’s no longer scared. In fact, she now loves to help her Daddy make cookies and loves to stir! We have some precious pictures of the two of them together!

09.13.2011 at5:58 AM #

Sonja Rodriguez

My four year old has always been intrigued by cooking. I cook dinner for my family almost every night and there isn’t a night that goes by without her saying “I wanna cook whichyou mama”. I smile, grab her stool and apron, and review the recipe for things she can help with. She has been helping for so long that she sometimes tells me what I do with different ingredients. For example, cilantro, she’ll tell me you, pull it out, wash it off, wrap in a paper towel, put it on the board and cut it up. Of course, she then adds it to what we are making. Her favorite is chicken roll ups with proscuitto, because she can layer the proscuitto/cheese/parsley on the chicken. I always tell everyone she made them as she does most of the “prep” work. Recently, we took her to Hibachi and while the other kids were engaged in coloring, she could not keep her eyes off the chef. She loves watching the preparation and food changes as it is being cooked. She is my little chef.

09.13.2011 at6:03 AM #

Carissa Brown

My daughter, Delaney, loves to help in the kitchen. It is something I did with my Dad that I love to carry on with my daughter. Her favorite jobs are to stir and taste test! We like to make meal planning a family event and sit down and decide on healthy options and the occasional sweet treat. I think the memories and the healthy eating habits that we are building are priceless. This cooking set would just be a perfect addition! Please pick us! πŸ™‚

09.13.2011 at6:03 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks for sharing this. It’s a random drawing so the computer will be doing the picking. Good luck!

09.13.2011 at6:33 AM #


My kids, Daisy and Buster, love to help me make zucchini cookies. I help them measure the ingredience and they pour it into the mixer. They are perfect for school snacks!

09.13.2011 at6:36 AM #


We have recently discovered your wonderful blog and love it! I keep my young cousins (now 2 and 4) while their Mommy works, and well, their diet wasn’t the best. I changed that, and helping in the kitchen without question was the answer. They know how to get their stools out, and where everything is in the kitchen.They feel included in the choices, and meal planning, and that is so important to healthy eating! They get really excited when it is time to make a meal. Just last night, we made the Italian Quesadillas for dinner.We grilled chicken and added it to make it more filling for a dinner meal. It was fun for them to assemble and hand off to me for the skillet. Your Pinwheels are a big hit as well! Everything has the ability to be hands on. It has been great to add your recipes to our list of favorites, and have something new to try.(PS the Black Bean Soup is yummy!)We have even been able to influence the adults! Hopefully the good choices they make now will last a lifetime! Keep the ideas coming!

09.13.2011 at6:36 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you.

09.13.2011 at7:01 AM #

Rosa tornatore

to name a few…. She vacuums the oven when there are crumbs at the bottom. Color coordinates the Tupperware. She puts all the wooden spoons in our Rhodes kitchen crock. I leave all the cabinet doors open and she closes them. She sets the table…. Attempts to put a tablecloth on;).

09.13.2011 at9:14 AM #

Elaine Yee

I am always looking for ways or foods to tempt my two year old. She is so picky, that we are clueless on what to do next. But one thing we try to do is get her more involved in cooking so that she can see what and how the food is prepared. Her favorites are pancakes with chocolate chips and mac and cheese. So, we help her dump the pancake into a big mixing bowl, put some water in it and give her a “whipping wand”. Then, we make it and add the chips (one for her to eat now) and she loves it.
Another easy thing is to let her make the mac and cheese. We boil water, she adds pasta, we pre-measure milk/butter and she gets to add that and the cheese and mixes it also. She absolutely goes crazy for these items. We’ve tried other dishes, but she loves her carbs O_o

09.13.2011 at9:22 AM #


My daughter is 3 1/2 and she loves cooking. I have always encouraged her to help in preparing and cooking meals. Plus, it is more likely she will want to eat it if she helps make it. She loves it so much, she even wants to help if I am just making her some chocolate milk. This also helps in her with healthy eating habits. She absolutely loves Sushi and always wants it for lunch. I am glad she is learning at an early age. And because she always helps, my 1 1/2 year old son is now always wanting to help stir and cook too. They both get their own chair or sometimes share a chair to help, that way they are at counter height. We have lots of cooking pics.

09.13.2011 at9:33 AM #


My kids love to cook, especially my son. Like his daddy he can “cook” anything. He has begged for a kitchen that can be all his for several years now. He can whip up some great dishes in the sandbox :). This would be a great gift for him. Thanks:)

09.13.2011 at9:39 AM #


My 4 year old daughter loves to help me in the kitchen. She’s great at setting the table, drying the pots & pans, and loves helping me bake chocolate chip cookies! We use my late grandmother’s handheld mixer. I’ve seen the new hot pink KitchenAid Professional Mixers in stores, but I’m nowhere’s near professional (although I have a love for cooking new recipes). I don’t even own a rolling pin. This contest would be perfect to win, because it’d give me the tools I really should own to be successful in the kitchen! Thanks for the opportunity!

09.13.2011 at10:13 AM #


My kids, 5 & 7, love to help in the kitchen. From running the mixer, filling muffin cups, measuring & stirring… they are always curious and excited to help. So far its helped in getting them to try a few new things… which I consider progress! πŸ™‚ Some new gadgets would be very exciting! Thank you for providing such a content rich site… I always look forward to reading the new posts! πŸ™‚

09.13.2011 at10:19 AM #


My kids have always loved to cook with me. I don’t have any secrets other than inviting them to join me…ohhh and letting them crack the eggs. I let them crack them into a bowl that we then pour into whatever we’re making in case of any mishaps πŸ™‚

09.13.2011 at11:27 AM #

Janet Evans

I am just getting my five year old involved in the kitchen. She loves counting eggs, pouring in milk and helping to stir. She also loves to put cupcake papers into the muffin tin.

09.13.2011 at11:29 AM #


Because we have such a small apartment kitchen, I don’t have the room to really allow my 3 (8,4 & almost 2) to help with the cooking. However, whenever we make pizza, I let them help me put on the toppings. I would love to start involving them more, especially my oldest who is picky, and some nifty kitchen stuff would certainly help!

09.13.2011 at1:15 PM #


I love to cook, but it can wear on an expectant mom/ mom of a toddler! However, my 2 year old son is so inquisitive at all things especially “what mommy is doing,” so I try to include him in the kitchen in ways that will teach him educational skills: like counting the number of eggs we are using, asking him the shapes and colors of the eggs and even allowing him to develop his motor and directional skills by helping me crack and stir the eggs for breakfast . At the same time, I am trying to teach him necessary life skills: to be able to cook on his own (eventually) and to raise him as a helpful young man that can, one day, cook for others or his family.

09.13.2011 at2:58 PM #

Angela Rutkowski

My 3 year old daughter loves to cook with me. Every night she gets her stool and pulls it up to the kitchen sink. She helps me wash the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, and all the vegetables we need to make dinner. She loves to dry them. And then, I cut them. She puts them in dishes for me after sampling a few. We love to talk about the shapes, smells, and colors of the food. She also loves to set the table for everyone. She is such a big helper. And I love having her in the kitchen with me.

09.13.2011 at8:47 PM #

Carmel Chen

My children don’t always love helping in the kitchen, but they do get excited about certain parts of helping. One daughter likes to cook the eggs, another one likes to gather ingredients. Sometimes they like to do the actual cooking/baking just to prove to themselves that they can. I don’t mind. πŸ™‚ Having help in the kitchen is beneficial to me and fun for all.

09.13.2011 at8:51 PM #

Christina Forst

My 4 year old son Emerson loves to help bake, it is very sweet watching him ice his Grammy’s Birthday cake! Both Emerson and his older sister Michaela who is 9, love to crack the eggs, use the hand mixer, and of course lick the beaters when finished!
They love to make pizza’s their own personalized way! Fun!

09.14.2011 at11:00 AM #

Grace C.

my almost-5-year-old daughter LOVES to cook in both our and “her” kitchen… she learned to garden for fresh veggies with her dad in our backyard, to prepare/cook snacks/meals with me, and luckily we all love to eat! πŸ™‚ she takes our “orders” from her kitchen on a daily basis! πŸ™‚

here’s a FB album of her cooking at home and at the community center’s cooking class – http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.142784085751361.23185.100000593127296&l=fbb59c3162&type=1

she just started attending school full-day, so now she helps me prepare her lunchbox in the evenings – http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.271458672883901.82673.100000593127296&l=1ec03c818a&type=1

09.14.2011 at11:00 AM #

Katie Morford

What a cutie

09.14.2011 at5:48 PM #


we decorate cookies and cupcakes during holidays

09.15.2011 at9:22 AM #

Linette Gerlach

My son loves to help cook! He loves to create his own masterpieces, and dishes with a little supervision of course! He also enjoys helping me decorate cookies and cupcakes. His favorite dish to make is scrambled eggs, and he’s a pro at it, light and fluffy every time.

09.16.2011 at4:50 PM #


My son loves to mash things, or use the whisk. He’s only 3 but he tries so hard to work like Mommy in the kitchen. Sometimes I teach him things on his Step2 Kitchen and then he comes in and helps me πŸ™‚

09.17.2011 at7:38 AM #


My kids get involved by eating : )
Decorating cupcakes and cakes is Always a hit.

09.17.2011 at12:26 PM #


I let my oldest “pick” dinners and baked goods that he would like to eat. (I’ve learned that giving silly names/appearances to everyday foods is the key!) I try and get him to the store with me to select ingredients sometimes. We then work together to make the foods he chooses…he loves to measure, dump & mix! He’s also a big fan of pounding out chicken! Because he gets into it, his little brother is interested, too!

09.17.2011 at5:33 PM #


My kids like to do Friday treat day. I let them pick what we are making and then they help me make it. On Fridays they can invited their friends over to share the treats.

09.17.2011 at5:33 PM #

Katie Morford

Love that “Friday Treat” idea. Thanks for sharing

09.17.2011 at7:35 PM #


They run to get their aprons so they can help prepare any meal!

09.18.2011 at12:09 AM #

Gianna Patton

My six year old daughter is an eager kitchen helper! She loves baking with me – cupcakes being her ‘specialty’. She loves the entire process, from cracking the eggs and mixing to pouring the batter. And she beams with pride as she decorates and presents each family member with their own special cupcake <3

[email protected]

09.18.2011 at12:54 PM #

Nicole Jacobsen

I have 3 boys and I always enjoy it when they want to help me in the kitchen. Since cooking or baking usually requires measuring I use this chance to teach them math skills that include fractions. When my oldest son (9) was 5 he made a video on youtube on how to make pancakes. My youngest son just turned 2 but I try to involve him by showing him food in all its forms such as an egg, I show it to him whole and when I crack and break it into a bowl. Or letting him smell different spices.
Here is the link to the youtube video

09.18.2011 at8:05 PM #


My son usually has very little interest in helping me in the kitchen but when he does, I let him help add ingredients!!

09.19.2011 at4:14 AM #

jodi leah baird

my 11 year old daughter loves to cook.she helps her great grandmother all the time.she now has 4-h chickens and goes out every day to gather eggs.and loves to help with anything in the kitchen,except the dishes of course haha!! but she loves to cook and is learning to cook the old fashion way too.she helps with raising the gardens and picking and putting it .which is good not many kids or ppl will be canning food and things in the future.so i am really glad.she would love this set and give her something she could do and make it all cut with the cutters.

09.19.2011 at5:45 AM #


I let my 17 month old dump ingredients into a bowl, stir and then give her tupperware, spoon and some cheerios to “cook” while I do the rest. She eats better when she is involved in the final product. She is also my official taste tester!!

09.19.2011 at6:06 AM #

James Scott

My daughter is 3 years old and everytime we are cooking dinner she has to bring her chairto the counter so she can stand on it and help. She loves to use the measure cups and wisk especially. We use the time to help her learn her numbers and colors.

09.19.2011 at9:01 AM #

Kristen M.

My children (ages 8 and 10) enjoy helping me in the kitchen. My 8 year old has always been an eager volunteer because he loves to eat and learned early on that he would most likely receive samples by helping! He will help with anything I ask. The things that come to mind that both kids love to do is make pancakes, make scrambled eggs, and prepare taco toppings (using knife under supervision).

09.19.2011 at9:33 AM #

Laura Myers

My three kids 13, 9, and 4 love to help in the kitchen and eat more when they do! I love the recipes on this site. Thankyou.

09.19.2011 at9:34 AM #

Kimberley H

I have a 3 year old daughter and a son who is almost two and they just love to help out in the kitchen whenever possible. My daughter Madyson got an apron for her birthday but Carsen doesn’t have one yet so he sports Mum’s, and I just have to say it’s the cutest thing I’ve seen! They are so proud when they each get turns pouring, mixing or pressing buttons and they get to feel like they were the chefs for that meal. Santa bought them their very own kitchen last year and it’s the only toy that they have played with continuously. They love to make all sorts of things and bring them to us complete with utensils. They wear a proud smile on their face and sometimes carry over their creations singing Happy Birthday. The best part of all is that in the last year they have hardly ever brought us the “junk” food items that came with the kitchen, they always seem to pick the fruits and vegetables and I like to think that my healthy food choices have rubbed off on them. My daughter also likes to play the role of Mum and pulls out snacks for her little brother like fruit, yogurt and cheese from the fridge and even tries to feed him sometimes, or tells him that something is not good for him if he goes for the junk.

09.19.2011 at10:49 AM #

Karen Foster

My kids love being in the kitchen. They are 15 & 13. I think it is important to have them involved any way they want … helps them to learn to cook ;.)

09.19.2011 at10:51 AM #

Amy W.

My kids are always in the kitchen with me. Whether they are cutting veggies or only old enough to stir, they all help.

09.19.2011 at10:59 AM #

Mechele Johnson

I make cupcakes as a small weekend business. My kids have always helped me in the kitchen with them. They love it! I usually assembly line them. One squeezes frosting, one sprinkles, one plops the deco on, and one carefully packs it in the box. Works beautifully…
[email protected]

09.19.2011 at10:59 AM #

Katie Morford

That’s very sweet that they help with your cupcake business…

09.19.2011 at11:02 AM #

Kimmie Barnes

My three kids love to help mommy and daddy in the kitchen. My oldest is ten and she loves to do anything in the kitchen, she loves to help me bake and cook supper. She even loves to wash the dishes but I think that has something to do with playing in the water. She has gotten really good at helping me measure each item. She also loves to use the mixer. My boys also love to help in the kitchen. My oldest son loves to help each night with making dinner and he loves to set the table. He loves mixing things together and pouring them into the baking pans. He also loves to flour the baking pans. My kids would be so excited to win this. Thank you so much for the giveaway.

Kimmie Barnes
[email protected]
jakeremom–twitter and GFC

09.19.2011 at11:09 AM #

Ashley H.

They love to help bake cupcakes or cookies.

09.19.2011 at11:11 AM #

Kat M

My little man loves to help me in the kitchen. Armed with a wooden spoon and low shelved metal pans, he orchestrates the symphony which serenades my cooking efforts.

09.19.2011 at11:15 AM #


My son loves to bang the pots and pans. He’s not very interested in helping to cook, but he does like choosing his own snacks (sliced fruit, veggies, cheese sticks) from our “snack bin” in the fridge.

09.19.2011 at12:36 PM #

Bianca Roman

My son will be two (2) on October 23rd and I am super excited for him to start helping in the kitchen! He’s kind of impatient and likes things done really fast, so I think him actually getting involved in cooking (even if it’s just mac and cheese), will soon help he understand that food does take time to cook. This is an awesome giveaway and so great for kids.

09.19.2011 at2:47 PM #


Lately my kids have become involved with making salads. Since all you really do is cut and drop in the bowl, it is a great way to get involved. My son, 3, loves to make the salad dressing. I do the measuring and he drops it into the mason jar!
But his favorite part comes next- the shaking!!

09.19.2011 at3:25 PM #

Allison Lewis

My nearly-3-year-old daughter loves helping me make dinner! I measure everything out, and she dumps it in the mixing bowl. She also helps me stir and serve!

09.19.2011 at3:39 PM #

Rebecca Williams

My daugher loves to crack eggs, she gets upset if I don’t let her do every one of them, sometimes that means I have to get the shell out of the bowl! She likes to mix and pour too. My four year old likes to help with the clean up after dinner. I don’t think its going to last long but for now, she likes it!

09.19.2011 at4:40 PM #


My daughter loves to help measure and mix ingredients. She also is much more likely to try new things if she helps make it.
Thanks for the giveaway

09.19.2011 at6:32 PM #


My 3 1/2 year old is constantly in the kitchen with me stirring, measuring and always interested in the smell of everything. But we start our cooking adventures before we even step foot in the kitchen. She is a huge help at the grocery store gathering items she can reach from the produce and dairy sections. And she never leaves without a baguette. This is where we talk about what we should make based on what looks interesting and fresh at the grocery store. It keeps her busy and makes her feel important to have a say on what we eat… and it makes a more enjoyable errand all around.

09.19.2011 at6:34 PM #


My son just started the toddler program at Montessori where they focus on Practical Life skills for his age group. I love to cook and have been gradually introducing him kitchen utensils. I’ll give him a bowl and wooden spoon and he’ll sit on the floor and practice “stirring” his dish. It helps him develop fine motor skills and plus it’s just plain fun.

09.19.2011 at6:43 PM #

Tara Haidinger

I have had my kids next to me when cooking since they were old enough to stand up. They started out tearing up lettuce for salads and can now cook simple meals by themselves.

09.19.2011 at6:46 PM #

Colleen Maurina

Our little 20 month old little guy is still pretty young but loves to be in the kitchen when we are and demands to be involved! We just got him some “play” pots and pans and he loves “cooking” with them while we are cooking. We plan to keep finding fun ways to involve him and cultivate a love for cooking!

09.19.2011 at7:03 PM #

Laurie Brown

My 13 yr old daugher is becoming quite the little cook!

09.19.2011 at7:09 PM #


My kids love to get involved. I try to give them any task that is kid safe!

09.19.2011 at7:26 PM #

Michelle rowe

My kids love to help me cook and add ingredients! We make shopping lists together and pack lunches together! I am in love with PB Kids tools to help make healthy eating fun!

09.19.2011 at7:30 PM #


My daughter who is 4 has been helping me cook since she was 2 rolling out pizza dough and making bullseyes her fave..It runs in her genes her grammy and her granny are great cooks:)

09.19.2011 at8:41 PM #

Valerie Stayton

All 4 of my kids have loved to help me in the kitchen. They all love holding the electric mixer while we mix up different things. πŸ˜‰

my_2_cents at hotmail dot com

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Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up.
The text in your content seem to be running off the screen in Safari.

I’m not sure if this is a formatting issue or something to do with web browser compatibility but I figured I’d post to
let you know. The style and design look great though!
Hope you get the issue solved soon. Thanks

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