Giveaway! a Set Of Slow Cooker Spices That Will Rock Your Routine

Organic Slow Cooker Spice Kits

(This giveaway in now closed)

Here’s the problem with today’s giveaway: I want to keep the prize for my very own self. I’m so excited, I’m not sure where to begin.

My friends Jane and Meg —  I’ve told you about them before and shared many of their slow cooker recipes — are two impressively entrepreneurial ladies taking this whole slow cooker thing to a new level. They’ve developed a line of slow cooker spice mixes that come in little tins like this:

Giveaway: Slow Cooker Spice Kits

Each one is your ticket to a slow cooker meal. Inside is a fragrant bundle of whole, organic spices, all thoughtfully sourced, tied up in what looks like a fat tea bag. The tin also includes an accompanying recipe, so you’ll know exactly what’s needed from the market and how to make it. Pick up your ingredients, follow recipe instructions, tuck that spice mix into your slow cooker, and you have a meal that does all the thinking for you. More importantly, it’s a DELICIOUS meal that doesn’t taste like it came from a crock pot. No offense to the crock pot.

These babies are my new “go to” for slow cooking, and for all gift giving to slow-cooker-loving friends from here to eternity.

And now, one of you luckies is going to win a gift set of three. It comes in a pretty box.


This particular set, which is called the Zen of Slow Cooking 101 Collection, includes the following three spice kits:

IMG_5053_87aac721-6b7f-40a2-820f-7e45d20b85a7_medium IMG_9484_52ac3eab-2f4f-4f1d-b15b-6030ccb14fe1_medium


Zen Gift Pack

Tackle that Moroccan Tagine number and you’ll have a dinner like this:
Slow Cooker Chicken Tagine

And maybe, your kids will say what mine did, “This is the best chicken tagine you’ve EVER made.”

That’s some spice mix.

To enter, leave a comment below saying what you like to prep in the slow cooker. Earn an extra entry by following me on Instagram. And a third  by following the Zen of Slow Cooking on Instagram. Let us know in the comments section that you’ve earned extra entries so we can be sure to count them!

Contest ends Monday November 17 at Midnight PST. You must be 18 years or older to enter and live in the United States.

To learn more about the Zen Spice Blends, you can check it out here. 


11.10.2014 at10:06 AM #


I have it on my to do list to make tikka masala in the slow cooker. That and the slow cooker pumpkin bread recipe.

11.10.2014 at12:07 PM #


I saw a Tex Mex slow cooker recipe that I would like to try and several soup recipes, but currently in my slow cooker is a spaghetti squash which I will top this evening with an eggplant and zucchini sauce!

11.10.2014 at12:20 PM #


I love to make pulled pork in my slow cooker, so that Carolina Pulled Pork spice mix would be wonderful to try.

11.10.2014 at1:03 PM #


Soup, soup and more soup!

11.10.2014 at2:08 PM #


Following you on Instagram!

11.10.2014 at3:03 PM #


Carolina Pulled Pork in the slow cooker! Wow that sounds delicious!

11.10.2014 at3:27 PM #


I make as much as possible in my slow cooker. Lots of stews, whole chickens, beans, etc!

11.10.2014 at7:16 PM #


I’m all about trying the Carolina pulled pork! Beautiful packaging as well.

11.10.2014 at8:07 PM #


Roast beef with carrots, celery, potatoes, onions in a rich beef broth…

11.10.2014 at11:10 PM #

Wendy Wallach

I like making chili and teriyaki chicken meatballs in a slow cooker

11.10.2014 at11:10 PM #

Wendy Wallach

Following you on Instagram as madamerkf

11.10.2014 at11:11 PM #

Wendy Wallach

Following zen of slow cooking on Instagram as madamerkf

11.10.2014 at11:48 PM #


Just got my first slow cooker!

11.11.2014 at2:54 AM #


Brisket and carrots in red wine beef broth…melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.

11.11.2014 at4:20 AM #

Missy C

My favorite slow cooker recipe is carnitas! It feeds a large group or leaves me with leftovers…win-win either way! Simple recipe and a crowd pleaser!

11.11.2014 at5:09 AM #

Carolyn E.

It’s all about chili for me!…and pulled pork..and oatmeal..and, and, and..

Following “Zen” and you on instagram too!

11.11.2014 at5:38 AM #


I really love to make chicken n’ dumplings! Come out perfect everytime!

11.11.2014 at5:38 AM #

Emily Sagor

I like to make lasagna and all sorts of stews in my slow cooker.

11.11.2014 at6:34 AM #


With two small children – I use our slow cooker weekly! I like making shredded beef for sandwiches. Follow you on Instagram!

11.11.2014 at6:34 AM #


I just started using the slow cooker but I made some pretty amazing braised short ribs in it this weekend!

11.11.2014 at6:39 AM #


My mom’s slow cooker is always on and she produces the most beautiful soups and beans. But I’ve never had her touch with slow cooking and my results have always felt underwhelming in flavor and texture. Hoping to check out these spices because the convenience slow cooking is tough to beat, especially during the freezing cold east coast winters!

11.11.2014 at6:40 AM #


I just told my son and husband I want/need a slow cooker for Christmas! I recently cleaned out some kitchen gear I wasn’t using anymore (jello molds!) to make room for it. Would love a recommendation on what type to get (ask for!) and some spices to get me off the ground! Already follow you on IG but will follow slow cooker site, too.

11.11.2014 at6:40 AM #

Katie Morford

Hi Renee, I bought a very basic one and regret that it doesn’t have a timer. I’d recommend an oval shape so you can make a loaf of bread. I’ll ask Jane at Zen of Slow Cooking to weigh in here since she’s the expert.

11.11.2014 at6:40 AM #

Jane McKay

Dear Renee, great question!
We use a variety of slow cookers here at the zen of slow cooking, and depending on your preference for a ceramic versus a stove-proof insert we make several recommendations. My personal favorites are the 6qt oval stovetop programmable Hamilton Beach which comes in under $70, and my 4qt round white ceramic All Clad which looks good on the table and works very well (under $150 on sale at Williams Sonoma.) Both are good for a family of 4-6.
For a closer look and tips, I suggest you take a look at our “Slow Cooking 101 – Getting Started” pages.
Feel free to email us directly if you have any questions.

11.11.2014 at6:56 AM #

Meme ~ Living Well Kitchen

Honestly, I love anything in the slow cooker. It’s one of my absolute favorite kitchen tools 🙂
These spice mixes look awesome!

11.11.2014 at6:59 AM #

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

All the slow cooker chicken I can eat! Spices just make food WONDERFUL!

11.11.2014 at6:59 AM #

Rebecca @ Strength and Sunshine

I follow you on Instagram! @RebeccaGF666

11.11.2014 at7:01 AM #


I use my slow cooker every weekend to make pulled pork or chicken tacos and chili. Great for watching football.

11.11.2014 at7:04 AM #

Cassie @ Almost Getting it Together

I’m a huge fan of making oatmeal in the slow cooker!

11.11.2014 at7:12 AM #


My favorite is probably Tuscan white beans with rosemary, but my most convenient slow cooker cooking is to cook a whole chicken, remove the meat, add vegetables, and make chicken stock overnight- half the cleanup, twice the good eats!

11.11.2014 at7:14 AM #


I follow both you and the Zen of slow cooking on Instagram

11.11.2014 at7:17 AM #

Kara @ The Foodie Dietitian

Followed you on Insta! Shocked I wasn’t already following you 🙂 I love making soup, stews, and chili in my slow cooker this time of year.

11.11.2014 at7:50 AM #


I’d love to try this Carolina pulled pork, but any of the other spice blends will make my slow cookery to a higher level! (I already follow you on Instagram!)

11.11.2014 at7:50 AM #


(bring my slow cooking)….apparently I need an English lesson, as well. Does that come with the giveaway? 🙂

11.11.2014 at7:56 AM #


Just made delicious short ribs in my slow cooker last night!

11.11.2014 at8:09 AM #

Nicole Mills

My slow cooker is my most used kitchen item and today I’m making mushroom beef stew and tmw tex-mex burritos. Yum!!

11.11.2014 at8:11 AM #

Nicole Mills

EE. Im following u on IG -telaki2. Thanks for giveaway!

11.11.2014 at8:11 AM #


Veggie lasagna! My daughter loves it.

11.11.2014 at8:12 AM #

Nicole Mills

EE. Im following zen of slow cooking on IG -telaki2. Thanks for giveaway!

11.11.2014 at8:32 AM #


I made the most delicious pulled pork (used pork tenderloin which really upped the taste)! Yum!

11.11.2014 at8:37 AM #


Love whole chicken in slow cooker, then broth, then pot pie!

11.11.2014 at9:00 AM #

Lucy D.

Soups and a delicious Mexican flank steak. Zen is right! The house is so much calmer when a meal is cooking away in a slow cooker and I am not a whirling dervish in the kitchen at 5:00.

11.11.2014 at9:02 AM #


I am actually in a slow cooker rut. I mostly do roasts (because I have so many from a cow that I purchased) and whole chickens. I need inspiration and motivation to use it more!

11.11.2014 at9:05 AM #


soup, stew, chili are my favorite slow cooker meals.

11.11.2014 at9:05 AM #


following both on instagram (kasupr)

11.11.2014 at9:24 AM #

Anne Mullen

I’ve been thinking a slow cooker would do well when we have 12 in the house in August. Maybe Santa will bring one so I can practice before the summer. Pulled pork is a house favorite. These spices will help anything taste good I’m sure.

11.11.2014 at9:37 AM #


White bean chicken chili!

11.11.2014 at9:42 AM #


I can’t eat pork, so I’d be a total rebel and make pulled chicken! <3 I've been wanting to attempt to make that for a while!

But next up on my slow cooker to-do list is probably a pumpkin chili of some kind. :O

11.11.2014 at9:43 AM #


Followed both you and thezenofslowcooking on instagram! (@fairyburger)

11.11.2014 at10:19 AM #


I absolutely love doing pulled pork and pot roast. One reminds me of summer, the other fall.
Where can we buy those spice sets?

11.11.2014 at10:19 AM #

Katie Morford

They have an online shop. Here’s the link:

11.11.2014 at10:19 AM #

Kim L

i like to make chili in the slow cooker and let it simmer all day……

11.11.2014 at10:19 AM #

Kim L

I follow you on INstagram

11.11.2014 at10:20 AM #

Kim L

I follow zenofslowcooker on instagram

11.11.2014 at10:21 AM #


I love to make soups in the slow cooker. I followed you and the slow cooker website on Instagram (@cargret01). Thanks!

11.11.2014 at10:51 AM #


We are a vegetarian family and use the slow cooker primarily to prep beans. They come out perfectly cooked every time and no boiling over (for which I am famous!)

11.11.2014 at11:07 AM #

Danielle Omar -- Food Confidence RD

I love to prep beans in the slow cooker! And make chili! These spices are so fun!

11.11.2014 at11:08 AM #

Danielle Omar -- Food Confidence RD

I follow you on Instagram!

11.11.2014 at11:09 AM #

Danielle Omar -- Food Confidence RD

I followed zen of slow cooking on Instagram!

11.11.2014 at11:14 AM #

EA-The Spicy RD

Love this!!! I mostly do chicken dishes in the slow cooker, but need to do a little experimenting. These spices would definitely get me in the mood to try!!!

11.11.2014 at11:16 AM #

EA-The Spicy RD

I follow you on Instagram!

11.11.2014 at11:26 AM #

joanne major

I love making barbecued chicken

11.11.2014 at1:09 PM #


Still use my 1960s era burnt orange crockpot!

11.11.2014 at4:21 PM #


I like to make Asian orange beef in the slow cooker

11.11.2014 at4:22 PM #


follow you on instagram

11.11.2014 at4:23 PM #


follow Zen on instagram

11.11.2014 at6:05 PM #

Deanna Segrave-Daly (@tspbasil)

OK – I’m notorious bad about using the slow cooker (as in I rarely do) but when I do, love to make chili – mainly for the aroma that fills the house. These spices are just beautiful – would make fantastic holiday gifts for your favorite cook.

11.11.2014 at6:05 PM #

Deanna Segrave-Daly (@tspbasil)

followed zen on IG

11.11.2014 at8:18 PM #


I love to make chicken taco meat in the crock pot.

11.11.2014 at9:07 PM #


My fav thing to make in the crock pot is bolognese sauce. But, I’m so excited because I just used my pot last night to make my first batch of homemade chicken stock. Santa (Ok, my mom) is getting me a bigger one for Christmas. I bet everything will taste better in the new one.

11.11.2014 at9:14 PM #

Joan Kubes

I make so many things in the slow cooker. I guess my favorite is black bean chile.

11.11.2014 at9:14 PM #

Joan Kubes

I followed katiemorford

11.11.2014 at9:15 PM #

Joan Kubes

I followed thezenofslowcooking

11.12.2014 at6:07 AM #


I love cooking pulled chicken or pork for BBQ sandwiches!

11.12.2014 at12:18 PM #

Cindy Moritz

I’m always looking for crockpot recipes with maximum flavor, like Garlic Lime Chicken or Machaca Beef. I’m a follower on Instagram! Thank you.

11.12.2014 at1:16 PM #


My very favorite crockpot meal is salsa chicken…some chicken breasts and some salsa. Heat on low all day, shred when you get home. Delicious in tacos, on salads, in enchiladas… A family favorite!

11.12.2014 at6:31 PM #


I like to cook pork roast in the slow cooker.

11.13.2014 at6:22 AM #

barbara n

I love to make pulled pork in my slow cooker so yummy!

11.15.2014 at9:23 AM #


We love our slow cooker. Pork and chicken seem to be a few of our go to’s, but would love to branch out and these spices would be perfect! Love the packaging too. Following you and Zen on Instagram!

11.15.2014 at10:18 AM #

Theresa Diulus

My favorite things to make in the slow cooker are marinara, broth and baked potatoes in the slow cooker. I’m going to be trying a stuffing recipe this Thanksgiving.Just followed you on IG!

11.16.2014 at6:22 PM #


Big big kudos and congrats to Jane and Meg for their endeavor. Such a neat and fun endeavor!

My favorite slow cooker meal is a big pork shoulder roast, for pulled pork mixed with a savory bar b q sauce.

11.16.2014 at6:23 PM #


I am following Katie on instagram as rusthawk1.

11.16.2014 at6:23 PM #


I am following thezenofslowcooking on instagram as rusthawk1. thank you!

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