Giveaway: Not One but Two, Two, Two Copies Of Weelicious

Do you know about Weelicious? I wrote about this terrific blog and the very lovely mom behind it all, Catherine McCord, several months back after meeting her at a conference. I liked her immediately, and love what she does for parents…arming them with recipes and inspiration in the kitchen.

Well, Catherine’s first cookbook is out, a resource chock full of recipes and advice that aims to help parents stop being short-order cooks, to shop effectively (and make it fun), to inspire kids to eat healthfully without resorting to sneaking or trickery, and to get kids in the kitchen from day one.

Sounds right up my alley.

From what I can tell, the Weelicious book is selling like hotcakes. Lucky for us, she’s passed along two copies for me to give away to two of you. All you need to do to enter is write a comment below sharing where you get your ideas and inspiration for family meals. If you aren’t a subscriber already, becoming one now will automatically enter you in the contest a second time. Look for the subscription box on the right hand column of my home page.

Don’t be shy! Give it a shot.

Contest rules: Contest ends midnight PST Wednesday October 10. Must be 18 years or older to enter and live in the United States or Canada. You cannot be my mother, my brother, or anyone else related to me. Good luck!


10.03.2012 at4:10 AM #


I like to read old cookbooks from the 50’s. There always seem to be sections about packing balanced lunches and feeding a family.

10.03.2012 at4:19 AM #

barbara n

I get ideas and inspiration for family meals by reading lots of different blogs and searching for recipes online

10.03.2012 at4:27 AM #


I used to be a big rut when it came to cooking for my family. I’ve always cooked pretty healthy, but with three kids five and under, it was hard to figure out how to cook so everyone would find something they enjoyed eating (without having pasta 24/7!). I started using recipes from food blogs, and that has given me so much inspiration and a lot of creative ideas! Katie, your blog is fantastic and definitely my favorite for healthy, family recipes! I’ve passed it along to my friends! I also found several other food blogs I use occasionally. It’s nice to know there are other moms out there who want to feed their families healthy food, but also want everyone to enjoy eating it!

10.03.2012 at4:45 AM #


I generally get my meal ideas from the web. I subscribe to a few sites for kid-friendly, healthy ideas in my inbox each week–including Weelicious and Mom’s Kitchen Handbook!

10.03.2012 at4:47 AM #

sarah latchaw

I always look in the pantry and fridge and then go to my cookbooks or online. Chopped has helped me come up with meals based on what I have instead of having to go to the store with a newborn and 2 1/2 year old.

10.03.2012 at4:56 AM #


YOU!! Love Mom’s Kitchen Handbook!! Also just recently came across a food blog that I’ve enjoyed exploring, The Realistic Nutritionist.

10.03.2012 at5:05 AM #


My inspiration for meals comes from all these great blogs that I am subscribed to.

10.03.2012 at5:17 AM #

Sarah Rivera

I hope there are some breakfast ideas in here!

10.03.2012 at6:09 AM #


In addition to blogs and Food Network, I use whatever looks freshest at our local farmer’s market

10.03.2012 at6:38 AM #


I like and of course, your blog! sends me a recipe everyday. If I don’t have anything planned I have a quick option!

10.03.2012 at6:59 AM #


Blogs, pinterest and a collection of cook books inspire me.

10.03.2012 at7:05 AM #


I get ideas from your website, recipes that friends have passed on to me, various cookbooks that I have (Petit Appetite, Giada de Laurentis, Rachel Ray, etc.).

10.03.2012 at7:16 AM #


I find inspiration for meals everywhere! Websites, blogs, cookbooks and magazines. I love finding a new dish that my family loves… especially my 2 year old. The other day she ate a delish vegetarian lasagna and I was THRILLED to add that to her menu 🙂

10.03.2012 at7:28 AM #


Every Sunday morning I take 30 minutes and plan out our meals for the week. My go to resource is Mom’s Kitchen Handbook which I love. I also have a stack of cookbook that I peruse and I ask each of my two daughters to choose a meal that they would like to eat. They like totally different things and often grumble about the others choice so I would love to get some fresh ideas from a new cookbook.


10.03.2012 at7:59 AM #

Amanda A.

I love getting ideas from blogs and cookbooks. I have been trying recipes from a new slow cooker cookbook that I got last month.

10.03.2012 at8:00 AM #

Meme @ Living Well Kitchen

I read tons of blogs and cookbooks. I’m always looking for new ideas.
I also like to take notes from restaurants I visit and recreate those meals. My grandmother is also a great resource for my cooking ideas.

10.03.2012 at8:25 AM #


I like the Cooking Light website. It seems like they have tested their recipes well.

10.03.2012 at8:39 AM #


I tend to stick to old fashioned cookbooks. We love Ina Garten, Sara Foster and the good ole New Basics. Feeding 5 kids can be tricky- they would love some new ideas I am sure!

10.03.2012 at9:10 AM #


I have taken your advice about getting my girls to help prepare meals. They are definately more interested in eating when they have made the meal! And less picky too!

10.03.2012 at9:51 AM #


I love Weelicious and am eager to see her cookbook. I’m so proud of her! I have used several of her online recipes. I’m going to make the pumpkin muffins this weekend. Good luck to me!

10.03.2012 at10:23 AM #


I get inspiration for family meals from cookbooks and blogs (including yours!). I also use when I need to find a meal from a handful of ingredients I want to use.

10.03.2012 at10:39 AM #


I get my inspiration from my kids…
– when they taste unidentified produce at the farmer’s market and smile,
– when we leave a friend’s house and talk about the dinner all the way home,
– when they fight over kale salad (mine do too!),
– when they are excited to make a “dinner” from scratch and proudly serve it,
…I take my queues from them for what to cook, and scour sites like yours for ideas!

10.03.2012 at11:25 AM #


I get my inspiration for making healthful family meals from a desire to raise my daughter to have a healthy relationship with food and a positive self-image. I’ve always been a health-conscious cook; my mom instilled a love for veggies in my siblings and me. She gets excited about fresh brussel sprouts roasted in the oven with just a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and a little salt and fresh ground pepper! Who gets excited about brussel sprouts?? When I had my daughter, I was committed to doing the same for her that my mother did for me.

In the process of learning to feed my toddler, I got a little obsessive about being “super healthy.” I was finding my cooking to be kind of bland and not really exciting. I started looking in cookbooks and online and was fortunate enough to find Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. You have helped me so much Katie because I feel like you have given me “permission” to use some butter, a little sugar and even a generous amount of that heavenly gift we call cheese and not feel bad about it. You have helped me realize things can be “super healthy” and taste wonderful too! It has been inspiring to see my daughter desperately stretching and reaching to try to get an APPLE from the fruit bowl on the counter instead of a cookie! It’s exciting to have her gobble up a big bowl of steel cut oats with blueberries, bananas and pumpkin seeds and say “more Mommy, more please!” Most of all, it has been inspiring to have my daughter seek to have our whole family at the table before we eat. Just last week she said: “Daddy? Daddy eat too?” When my husband came to the table she said: “Now we eat…together.” If that’s not inspiration enough for me to keep fun and healthy meals on the table…I don’t know what is!

10.03.2012 at11:40 AM #

Emily S.

I get inspiration from several blogs, including this one, eating well magazine. Cooks illustrated, friends and cookbooks from the library.

10.03.2012 at11:48 AM #


In addition to your inspirational ideas, simplifying favorite cookbook recipes and other blogs i follow, i love good old fashioned print newspaper occasionally – especially the Sunday Editions – and leafing through the contents of the food section. The Sunday Times, Chicago Tribune Dining Section & good online versions – Observer Food Monthly.

10.03.2012 at11:48 AM #


I find ideas everywhere. I love talking to other moms at school, on the playground, or at the kids activities. Of course all the great blogs and pintrest also help

10.03.2012 at12:02 PM #


i get ideas from food blogs

10.03.2012 at1:11 PM #


I get inspiration from blogs and magazines!

10.03.2012 at1:13 PM #

Angela M.

Lately I have been getting inspiration from Pinterest to try new things. I tend to get stuck in the same dinners over and over.

10.03.2012 at1:13 PM #


I have family cookbooks that were passed down…and I also use Pinterest! Im not the best cook, and being recently married I am trying my best to find new meals. I love to bake, but I really need to step it up in the cooking category.

10.03.2012 at1:14 PM #


I get loads of recipes from Weelicious as well as pinterest. So many great ideas there!

10.03.2012 at1:14 PM #


I find my inspiration from either pinterest or from my collection of cookbooks. I LOVE to sit & look through cookbooks for fun ideas.

10.03.2012 at1:17 PM #

kathleen kiley

Love searching the web

10.03.2012 at1:17 PM #


My inspiration comes from my family. The whole crazy lot of them. Hubby, pleased to eat just about any home cooked meal (on the road a lot), 16 year old step son- 6’5″ & eats anything, 14 year old step daughter- vegetarian, 3 year old son- eats just about anything, and 10 month old daughter- eats homemade baby food. I see what I have available and then build a healthy meal around it. The most important aspect of the meal is that we are all spending quality time together!

10.03.2012 at1:18 PM #


I am always looking for new inspiration, pinterest, and old cookbooks are a great resource but I just recently stumbled onto weelicious and am thrilled about her ideas/recipes!

10.03.2012 at1:20 PM #


I always get ideas when I’m out… restaurant menu items adapted to little tastes, other moms, the farmer’s market. And the web when I need more inspiration!

10.03.2012 at1:21 PM #


My son has severe dairy allergies, so I search the food blogs and Pinterest looking for kid friendly food that is safe for him. So many of the classic comfort foods I grew up with have some form of dairy in them, so we are branching out and trying new things! We are even adjusting to using several Vegan specialty products in our recipes.

10.03.2012 at1:21 PM #

Tara F.

I get inspiration from family, friends, Pinterest, Twitter, FB, blogs, etc. I’m always looking for new ideas.
sweetinsahmnity at gmail

10.03.2012 at1:22 PM #

Beth Enk

I find a lot of inspiration online. There are so many great cooking blogs and websites started by Moms and I love exploring them all.

10.03.2012 at1:22 PM #

Jodi M

I get my inspiration for food blogging sites, cookbooks and the farmers market!

10.03.2012 at1:23 PM #

Dixya @ Food, Pleasure and Health

I get inspiration to cook from food I ate as a childhood, or old family recipes but like to give modern/healthy twist to it. Sometime I just interpret recipes I see or come across based on my flavor preferences and ingredients I have handy.

10.03.2012 at1:28 PM #


I read cookbooks, browse blogs…

10.03.2012 at1:55 PM #


I get my inspiration from pinterest :), food blogs, cookbooks and Mom 🙂

10.03.2012 at2:05 PM #


I usually get my inspiration from the web and sometimes cookbooks. I really like finding new ideas on though.

10.03.2012 at2:06 PM #


Pinterest, blogs, and recipe site

10.03.2012 at2:07 PM #


I get Bountiful Baskets every other week and then search food blogs and the internet for awesome recipes to use whatever is in my basket…I also discover fun websites from giveaways on facebook;)

10.03.2012 at2:18 PM #


I read blogs, look online, search pinterest and share recipes with friends. Meal planning is a challenge as I have 1 VERY picky child who refuses to eat anything except PB!

10.03.2012 at2:49 PM #


I am just learning, so have enjoyed browsing blogs and cookbooks to find the “nuggets” I can use! My first step has been less sugar.. less processed.. more real food. It’s always fun to come across something that is really good AND really good for me and my family. 🙂

10.03.2012 at3:03 PM #


I love reading blogs for cooking ideas!

10.03.2012 at3:24 PM #


I get ideas from cookbooks, blogs, Pinterest, friends, family, tv shows.

10.03.2012 at5:38 PM #


I read a lot of blogs and try to take time to browse the cookbooks at the library.

10.03.2012 at5:56 PM #

Jessica Katz

Over the past several months, I’ve gotten most of my new ideas from pinterest and have found some great blogs in the process.

10.03.2012 at6:03 PM #


While home on maternity leave with #3 my girls and I would watch (and DVR) Barefoot Contessa and watch them together during that time in the day when everyone wants to act out and get cranky. We got to snuggle together on the couch and get excited about the different things that Ina was making. She was dubbed “The Contessa” by my 3 1/2 old. We all got inspired by her ideas and it made my girls get excited about food – they now help me grocery shop and cook. When they get picky I remind them how we saw the Barefoot Contessa make it! They really got it to it!

10.03.2012 at7:09 PM #

Jessica S

I like to use seasonal, local, and organic (if possible) ingredients. So, my biggest inspiration is the farmer’s market. But I also love reading my favorite blogs, facebook, and pinterest.

10.03.2012 at8:00 PM #

Kimberly ORosky

These days, I get the majority of my meal ideas from following many talented food bloggers and from Pinterest!

10.03.2012 at8:27 PM #


I’m constantly looking at cookbooks, cooking magazines, food websites, and Pinterest for idea! I like to get inspired by already healthy recipes or try to make a very indulgent recipe healthier with a few tweaks 🙂

10.03.2012 at9:24 PM #


Well, I don’t like sounding like a broken record, but I do get my inspiration from a number of food blogs that I subscribe to, including yours! It’s easy for me to see these in my inbox everyday and go from there. Thanks for being an inspiration for me.

10.03.2012 at9:48 PM #


I recently went to hear Mark Bittman speak and left with a couple of his cookbooks which I’ve been enjoying. I love having access to so many ideas on the web–generally get ideas from a multitude of sites and friends. Whenever I visit someone, I always ask them to share a couple of favorite recipes with me and have collected some great ones that way.

10.04.2012 at6:29 AM #


Iowa girls eats and whatever I google!! I save alot of recipes and even have my great grandmothers recipe card box.

10.04.2012 at6:14 PM #


I use All Recipe, Pinterest and Food Network.

10.05.2012 at8:42 AM #


I use cookbooks, Pinterest, blogs, friends, I’m always searching for new healthy recipes that my family will love!

10.05.2012 at9:02 AM #


I love Weelicious. I gleen lots of inspiration from various blogs I read and things I’ve sceen on the internet.

10.05.2012 at1:31 PM #


Blogs, blogs, blogs, love finding new recipes through people’s food blogs. Weelicious certainly has simple and delicious recipes, made 3 in just one weekend and they were all a success.

10.05.2012 at5:34 PM #


I get inspiration from the various blogs that I read and also from my collection of cookbooks.

10.06.2012 at6:22 AM #


I surf the net to get ideas.

10.06.2012 at3:53 PM #

Jennifer C

I get my ideas for meals from blogs such as and I also read lunch box books and vegetarian cookbooks. There’s so much to try!

10.07.2012 at4:07 AM #


I like to work with my kids and husband to see what they are in the mood for and then hunt around my cookbooks, pintrest and the web to see what new recipes I can find.

10.07.2012 at11:03 AM #

Anne Killian

My inspiration and ideas comes from my children. Especially my son. He’ll ask why can’t we prepare the veggies on hand that way. Or he will combine spices that I would have never dreamed of into a combination that tastes great. Our homemade pizza lets each child add their unique ingredients to their section of the pizza. Cooking is a fun adventure in our home.

10.08.2012 at1:35 PM #

Lisset Kanzi

I’ve always loved food and the different ways in which you can use ingredients to make beautiful meals. When I married my husband, we went to Morocco to visit his family and I fell in love with the country. I was able to visit the different cities and walk around. There were fresh fruit, vegetables, spices, and beautifully cooked meals creating an aroma that entranced everyone walking by. Soon I began to learn how to make Moroccan home-cooked meals. I like to use fresh ingredients and I plan the meals by infusing some Moroccan ingredients like preserved lemons, fresh ginger, saffron, or turmeric with some ingredients from my own culture (Cuban) and try to make it a family affair.

10.10.2012 at1:48 PM #

Meggin Wetherill

I follow food blogs, look through magazines and cook books. I always cook healthy meals and do not use processed or prepackaged foods. That is how I grew up cooking with my mom and hope my kids will too. I also just walk through the produce section and pick up key ingredients first then plan the meal around what I have found!

11.16.2012 at11:43 AM #


I look at real / whole foods blogs, and a few cookbooks I have as well. I’ve also gotten recipes from cookbooks I borrow from the public library.

11.20.2012 at8:21 PM #

Carrie Valencia

I am always looking for new/ old recipes to feed my family. Hate being in that dinner rut 🙂

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Brief but very accurate info… Thanks for sharing this one.

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