Gratitude Giveaway Year Two! Rae Dunn Ceramics

image by rae dunn


image by rae dunn

Recently I was approached by a dad at the grocery store who enthusiastically waved a handful of tattered pages of paper toward me: recipes from Mom’s Kitchen Handbook, printed out by his wife who’d sent him to the market to gather ingredients.

He thanked me for the recipes.

I’m the one who feels thankful, particularly as “Mom’s Kitchen Handbook” hits the two-year mark. The time has flown by swiftly, largely because it’s been so much fun.   I’m grateful for this  creative forum and the community that has sprung from it. I read and appreciate every comment, suggestion, and email.

So, I’m doing a repeat performance of the last year’s Gratitude Giveaway, only this time it’s your kitchen we’re glamming up instead of your wardrobe (last year it was all about jewelry). In honor of this two-year anniversary, my talented, pretty-as-a-picture, pint-sized friend Rae Dunn has graciously donated two favorite pieces from her collection of beautiful ceramics.

A set of darling hand-made porcelain plates

A pair of charming salt and pepper bowls

Rae’s work has been featured in the pages of Bon Appetit, Sunset, and Martha Stewart Weddings. If you haven’t discovered her already, have a peek at her website or scroll through her inspiring blog.

You can enter to win three different ways: 1) Leave a comment below saying anything or everything you are grateful for 2) Get onto my Facebook page and “like” it. 3) Become a subscriber by entering your email in the “subscribe” box on the right side of my home page.

I will count each as one “chance” for entry and pick two winners.

The deadline for entries is midnight PST Wednesday December 12. You must be 18 years or older to win and live in the United States.


12.05.2012 at4:56 AM #


I am grateful for the love my husband and I have for each other after thirty years of marriage.

12.05.2012 at5:08 AM #


I am grateful to have stumbled upon your blog several months ago. It has inspired me to be more adventurous in the kitchen and more importantly, I’m starting to learn how to cook delicious, healthy meals for my family. Thank you for sharing your expertise, ideas and interesting recipes and articles. This time of year, I’m especially thankful for time with family and friends and time to pause and reflect on all of the wonderful blessings in my life. Happy holidays!

12.05.2012 at5:15 AM #

barbara n

I am an email subscriber to moms kitchen handbook

12.05.2012 at5:16 AM #

barbara n

I am grateful for my health and my husband and family

12.05.2012 at6:22 AM #


i am grateful to have enough…our family, our friends, a warm home, our jobs, our health, enough to eat…we may not be rich, but we are lucky.

12.05.2012 at7:19 AM #


I am grateful that my kids are healthy and (most of the time) happy! I am grateful for your website because it helps me feed my family well.

12.05.2012 at7:20 AM #


I have subscribed to your emails …. and I love them!

12.05.2012 at7:21 AM #


I am grateful for Michael Pollan, whose food rules (“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.”) have helped me explain healthy eating habits to my kids in a pithy, memorable way.

12.05.2012 at7:22 AM #


I liked you on FB.

12.05.2012 at7:45 AM #


I am grateful for my loving family, the roof over our heads, the clothes on our backs and the food (healthy and delicious) in our bellies – we are truly blessed!

12.05.2012 at7:51 AM #


I am grateful for the good health of my children. I feel very blessed each day and am grateful for blogs like yours that help me create delicious, healthy meals for them! Thanks for all you do!

12.05.2012 at7:59 AM #

Amanda A.

I am grateful for my husband and my kids. I am grateful that I have the chance to stay home with my kids.

12.05.2012 at8:01 AM #

Amanda A.

I like you on Facebook.

12.05.2012 at8:01 AM #

Amanda A.

I subscribe to your emails.

12.05.2012 at8:05 AM #


I am grateful my 10 year old daughter asks for “A Big Salad” for dinner.

12.05.2012 at8:11 AM #

Pam H

I am grateful for my family, our health, and all of our friends. Thanks for doing this!

12.05.2012 at8:26 AM #


I am grateful for the good health of my family and for fantastic websites and blogs to keep trying new healthy foods and recipes to please them all!

12.05.2012 at8:27 AM #


I am a email subscriber and liked on FB as well.

12.05.2012 at9:47 AM #

Margaret-Ellen Jeffreys

I am grateful for the annual FriendsGiving tradition of my dear friends in Cincinnati, every year we get together and share a totally-from-scratch meal and hours of laughs and conversation. No matter where we are or have moved away, we all gather together. It’s the best holiday of the year for me! 🙂

12.05.2012 at10:19 AM #


I am GRATEFUL for sobriety and the opportunity to rebuild my life every day.

12.05.2012 at10:19 AM #


I am grateful for health in 2012!

12.05.2012 at10:25 AM #


I am grateful for my health and my family

12.05.2012 at10:26 AM #


Like you on FB.

12.05.2012 at10:26 AM #


Newsletter subscriber

12.05.2012 at10:28 AM #

Meliana S.

I’m grateful for the rain, the wind, the sun, the moon and the love that we all share within us.

12.05.2012 at10:36 AM #

kathleen kiley

grateful for the time i get to spend with my son.
grateful for wonderful parents of my own.

12.05.2012 at10:36 AM #

kathleen kiley

liked on fb

12.05.2012 at10:36 AM #

kathleen kiley


12.05.2012 at10:41 AM #


I am grateful for family.

12.05.2012 at11:07 AM #


so grateful for my son and my family, and for all of the beauty that is. and for finding this website…look forward to trying some of your recipes soon!

12.05.2012 at11:38 AM #

Heidi Groff

I’m grateful for my dad, who just turned 70 and was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I’m grateful for the gift of every new and precious day I get to spend with him.

12.05.2012 at11:39 AM #


I am grateful for my good health and my family. Thanks for the give away!

12.05.2012 at11:47 AM #


I am grateful for my happy (mostly) and healthy children.
pick me I LOVE Rae Dunn pottery.

12.05.2012 at11:54 AM #


I am grateful for my family, our health, my faith that sustains me, and the friends who I am privileged to share my life with. Oh, and that my 2 year daughter now officially likes one vegetable – carrots! Slow progress but I’ll take it!

12.05.2012 at11:59 AM #


I am grateful to have all that I need & more. I am thankful for good health, for having a rewarding career at which I am accomplished, for a loving husband, our warm & cozy home, to live in the U.S., & reading my Kindle!

12.05.2012 at12:17 PM #


I’m grateful for my health. After a recent injury, I have come to realize just how much we take good health for granted.

12.05.2012 at12:54 PM #


I’m grateful for Rae Dunn! Her amazing work brings much joy to my days!

12.05.2012 at12:55 PM #


I’m grateful for Rae Dunn! Her amazing work brings much joy to my days! (just liked on fb & subscribed.)

12.05.2012 at12:56 PM #

Donna Conley

I’m grateful for every morning I wake up.

12.05.2012 at1:08 PM #


I’m grateful for the pilgrim soul in your approach to food. I have a bunch of old cookbooks that provide an interesting window on the kitchens of the 40s, 50s and 70s. I’m also grateful I didn’t lose my eye today when my daughter poked it with the broomstick at Ikea. And her tiny hugs.

12.05.2012 at1:10 PM #


Grateful for the best artwork I’ve ever made – my sweetest little love bug daughter, a partner that has stuck through the good, the bad and the ultra-ugly with me, and my treasure trove of amazing, dear friends whose creativity, wisdom and kindness inspire me everyday!

12.05.2012 at1:12 PM #


I am grateful for friends, family and the ability to cook with and for them.

12.05.2012 at2:22 PM #


Grateful for love given and received by family and friends.

12.05.2012 at3:00 PM #

Athena Roth

I am grateful for my incredible family that fills my life with such joy, excitement and love. Thanks for the chance, Athena. Happy Holidays!

12.05.2012 at3:01 PM #

Athena Roth

And I was happy to like you on Facebook! 🙂

12.05.2012 at3:38 PM #


I am grateful for my lovely husband who is always so enthusiastic about my cooking (even when I am bored with it!)

12.05.2012 at4:03 PM #


I am eternally grateful for my wonderful husband who is also my best friend!

12.05.2012 at4:04 PM #


I just hit the LIKE button on your fb page 🙂

12.05.2012 at5:04 PM #

Hillary Heydle

I am so happy to become a friend : )
And I am super excited about your Rae Dunn give-away.
Thank you.

12.05.2012 at5:10 PM #

La Rae

grateful for the feeling of hope and knowing love

12.05.2012 at6:26 PM #


I am grateful for the three part-time jobs I have in this economy.

12.06.2012 at12:55 AM #

kim brady

I am grateful for the farmer’s market almost everyday of the week.

12.06.2012 at9:36 AM #

Victoria S.

I am grateful for my husband, the 5 months of happy marriage we have been blessed with, and the hopefully many years we have to look forward to !

[email protected]

12.06.2012 at9:37 AM #

Victoria S.

Liked on Facebook: Victoria Shank
[email protected]

12.06.2012 at9:38 AM #

Victoria S.

I subscribed: [email protected]

12.06.2012 at11:43 AM #


I am grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve made since moving to a new state.

12.06.2012 at12:16 PM #


I am thankful to have come across your blog – has been a great addition to our kitchen!

12.06.2012 at4:02 PM #


I am a subscriber and I like you on FB. I am grateful for my wonderful husband who cleans up after I cook and for my lovely daughters who are mostly grateful for what I cook. My youngest requested your Vietnamese Chicken and Vegetables in a slow cooker tonight so I am also grateful that dinner will be ready when we all get home.

12.07.2012 at8:16 AM #


I am grateful for my family. I love watching my kids grow.

12.07.2012 at9:45 AM #

Jane McKay

I am grateful for my family & friends, and the amazing recovery of my friend Sasha’s new baby Archer, who made it through emergency heart surgery last Sunday at just 10 days old. Big Smiley Face.

12.10.2012 at7:07 AM #


Adorable giveway!

12.10.2012 at7:07 AM #


I like you on FB!

12.10.2012 at3:28 PM #


I am very grateful for people who make things with their hands. And for people who want things made by hands. The world goes round, making and taking!

12.11.2012 at8:37 AM #


Beauty is in our relationships and I am So grateful for all the beauty around me – for my wonderful husband, children, family and friends.

12.12.2012 at6:21 AM #


I’m so grateful for all the nutritious recipes and inspiration you provide. I try to make almost everything you post and I’m never disappointed!

12.13.2012 at12:16 AM #

deb durant

at the moment, i am grateful i serendipitously came across this lovely gratitude gift offer from you of the work of the fabulous rae dunn… just under the wire, but oh let it be me, please!

eternally, i am grateful to have married the best man in the world.
and to be raising a kind and generous little daughter.
and to have wonderful friends.
and to be able to make cool stuff.

12.16.2012 at7:32 PM #


I’m grateful for family dinners, of course!

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