How to Cut A Melon

is watermelon healthy?

A six-month stint cooking in a restaurant during grad school was all the time I needed to know that I wasn’t cut out for the job. But I’m ever so glad for the experience, because I picked up some pointers that continue to make cooking easier today. When I worked the brunch shift, for example, I learned how to cut a melon like a pro after doing it dozens (hundreds?) of times.

All that practice breeds efficiency, so I thought I’d share the easiest, breeziest method. We are rolling into melon season, so I hope this comes in handy.

How to Cut a Melon

The thing about cooking, or any skill or activity, is that there is never just one way to go about it. This method is for cutting a melon so it’s entirely free to seeds and rind. It’s a good approach if you want to add melon to a fruit salad, blend it into a drink, or make ice pops. If you’re looking for watermelon wedges or sticks that include the rind, I like how my friend Sally of Real Mom Nutrition does it.

1. Start by washing the melon well

Your knife can pick up dirt and bacteria as it slices through, so give it a rinse under the tap.

a melon being washed

2. Cut Melon in half opposite the stem end

honeydew melon cut in half on a cutting board

3. Scoop out the seeds with a spoon

How to cut a melon

4. Set the melon cut-side-down on a very clean board

Make sure your cutting board is clean. You don’t want to use the same board where you just chopped garlic or onions!

prepping a melon to be cut

5. Use a sharp knife to shear off the rind to reveal the sweet flesh

How to cut the rind from a melon

6. Admire your succulent fruit

honeydew melon without the rind

7. Cut melon into slices

sliced honeydew

7. If you like, cut those slices into cubes

cubed honeydew

8. Eat!

Now that you know how to cut a melon, enjoy it straight up or give it a squeeze of lime. Alternatively, here are a few recipe ideas for inspiration.

Watermelon Lime Ice Pops

Watermelon Wedge Salad

Blender Melon Juice

10 Ways to Enjoy Honeydew Melon


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You come up with the best things! This is a really good one! Thank you.

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I think you and Mr. Kitchen need a hot date!
And thank you, as always, for an entertaining and informative read.

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Katie Morford

I do hear melons are an aphrodisiac

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