How to Store Natural Nut Butter

Perhaps all of you have been onto this for ages now and I’m only just catching up. It’s a tip I picked up from the terrific cookbook Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys by Lucinda Scala Quinn. I know, I know, I don’t have any boys, but it’s a good book no matter what kind of kid you happen to have.

Anyway, here goes: If you buy natural nut butters, that is peanut, tree nut, soy nut, or seed butters that aren’t processed with partially hydrogenated fats (AKA trans fats) then you are well familiar with the separation that occurs when it sits on the shelf. Wading through the oil that collects on top has a big “ick” factor, especially amongst kids. The tip? Simply store your nut and seed butters bottoms up so all the good stuff you are after is right at the top when you open the jar.



01.30.2012 at11:35 AM #

Sally Kuzemchak

I know it’s considered a no-no, but I actually don’t refrigerate my natural nut butters. We go through them so quickly (a jar of natural PB in less than two weeks) that there’s no time for it to go rancid anyway. So it’s also spreadable, straight from the pantry!

01.30.2012 at11:35 AM #

Katie Morford

As far as storage, I too am a little bit naughty and store my everyday ones — peanut, almond and cashew butter — in the pantry because we cycle through them so quickly. Sunflower butter and tahini are in the fridge. Still, I find storing them bottoms up when in fridge or pantry makes for easier use.

01.30.2012 at11:46 AM #


LOVE “Mad Hungry”… It’s been my go to cookbook since it was published! I also store my butters on the shelf and not in the fridge.

01.30.2012 at12:11 PM #


We simply mix in the oil (we use a reusable chopstick to do this). It helps to give the butter at the bottom a little more palatability; otherwise it’s too difficult to eat.

01.30.2012 at12:11 PM #

Katie Morford

Chopsticks…that’s smart.

11.07.2016 at3:56 AM #

Terry Fest

Storage of foods upside down has been something I have done for years. I once read that yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream etc. stored upside extends it shelf life considerably – IT IS ALL ABOUT AIR. WHEN I AM REALLY BEING EFFICIENT, I PLACE A BIT OF PLASTIC WRAP OVER THE TOP AFTER OPENED, THE REPLACE THE TOP SO AIR IS KEPT OUT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. IT DOES WORK. I ALSO PLACE PLASTIC WRAP OVER FROZEN ITEMS BEFORE I PUT THE LIDS ON – JUST FOR SAFE KEEPING.

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