Iced Matcha Mint Tea Latte

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Waiting in line at a coffee shop these days can be its own form of entertainment as folks eager for their caffeine fix fling orders at baristas that sounds like a foreign language:

I’ll have a venti skinny coconut mocha, 2 pumps, hold the whip. I’ll take it to go, 2 straws.


I’d like a white chocolate dream latte with soy milk, make it decaf, extra whip, no lid.

Today I’m jumping right on in there with the best of them, only this time with a homespun version of a green tea latte. Luckily, it’s so tasty, it’s worth the embarrassment to say the recipe out loud:

Iced, Blended, Matcha Green Tea, Mint and Honey, Cow/Soy/Almond/or Coconut Milk Latte

Over-the-top trendy, but oh so good.

I got hooked on matcha green tea last year and have been whisking it into warm milk ever since. But seeing how we are rolling into the warmer months of spring and summer, I pulled out my blender and ice tray and did up a cold and frothy brew.

For matcha, I turned to the folks behind the online shop PureFormulas since they have a reputation for quality products when it come to good ingredients. This arrived in the mail: a five-ounce container of Green Foods Matcha Green Tea.


It’s a good thing, too, as I’ve since learned that there is a broad spectrum of quality when it comes to matcha and some are flavored and sugar-sweetened. I also like that this particular brand blends easily into milk, which isn’t always the case with matcha

If you are unfamiliar with this variety of tea, it’s a powdered green tea considered to be an antioxidant powerhouse. Matcha has unique flavor that I confess took me a few tries to get hooked on, but now there’s no going back, even if it does make me sound like a trendy tea shop junkie.

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Once you have your Iced Matcha Mint Tea Latte in hand, head on over to the Spicy RD for her Matcha Madness round up of 10 terrific green tea recipes.

Iced Matcha Mint Tea Latte

Servings 1
Author Katie Morford


  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 teaspoons matcha green tea
  • 2 teaspoons honey
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 2 ice cubes


  1. Put all of the ingredients into a blender and run until frothy and smooth. Taste and add another ice cube if desired.


04.07.2016 at6:47 AM #

Lauren Harris-Pincus

Sounds delish! I’ve been wanting to play around with matcha and this is a perfect starting point. Yummy!

04.07.2016 at6:47 AM #

Katie Morford

This is so yummy, Lauren. And as I say in the post, this particular tea blends really easily into the milk.

04.07.2016 at7:32 AM #

Jamie @ Dishing Out Health

The color is gorgeous! I absolutely love green tea lattes.

04.07.2016 at7:32 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Jamie. That gorgeous green and not a drop of food dye 🙂

04.07.2016 at7:42 AM #

Kim-NutritionPro Consulting

I was just looking for a new matcha recipe and this one is perfect. This looks so refreshing!

04.07.2016 at9:33 AM #

Amber @ Homemade Nutrition

This looks so refreshing!! I’ve been wanting to try matcha for a long time and I think this will be my first recipe with it! 🙂

04.07.2016 at9:33 AM #

Katie Morford

Oh good. It’s a slightly unusual flavor at first, but highly addictive after a few tries. The Spicy RD has a whole round up of matcha recipes as well.

04.08.2016 at9:38 AM #

Anne|Craving Something Healthy

I love this – I’m still one who orders the “medium iced coffee” when I’m at Starbucks. My brain is too full to learn barista lingo! This looks so delicious and refreshing. Pinned 🙂

04.08.2016 at9:38 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks Anne. Iced coffee is my default drink, too. At home though, I’m all about the matcha.

04.08.2016 at3:23 PM #


Love matcha. This looks beautifully refreshing for the warmer weather.

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