Is Your Diet Making You Sick, Fat, or Cranky?

How to feed your vegetarian child

Last spring I had a belly ache.  It wasn’t severe, but it lingered, and I was pretty sure it was related to something in my diet (when I wasn’t slipping down the dark, “I have a colossal tumor” path, that is).

And so, when I found myself in conversation with Danielle Omar, a longtime registered dietitian with a respected nutrition practice outside Washington DC, I took the opportunity to bend her ear.

Turns out Danielle has packaged up all the wisdom from her years of nutrition counseling into a three-week clean eating program called NOURISH. I decided to give it a whirl, in part to get to the bottom of my belly ache, and in part because I wanted to see if Nourish might be something to share with all of you.

The result? Yes and Yes.

A few weeks in, my pain was gone and I felt great. If I sound like an infomercial, it’s only because I’m excited.

Here’s why: In the past year, I’ve heard countless reports from friends about unwelcome changes in their bodies — achy joints, hives, weight gain, insomnia, GI distress, feeling bloated, sluggish, and foggy-brained. No doubt, the fact that many of these women are in their forties (with all the hormonal changes that implies) has something to do with it. As someone who firmly believes in the connection between food and wellness, I’ve been casting about for answers. I’m not saying this program will heal all that ails you, but if you’re feeling stuck, it’s a good place to start.

Nourish is designed to help reset eating habits and make self care a priority. It focuses on moving off processed foods, heavying up on whole foods, and minimizing common triggers for food intolerances. The idea isn’t to malign certain categories of food or to spend the rest of your life deprived of foods you love, but to be more aware of what you put into your body and how it makes you feel.

Danielle offers support along the way in the form of online tutorials, a very engaged Facebook group where she answers questions and troubleshoots, and inspiring recipes.

Common outcomes for Nourish participants include:

  • Improved markers for blood cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Reduction or elimination of acid reflux
  • Less “brain fog”
  • Decreased IBS
  • Greater reverence for the role of food and self care in wellness
  • Weight loss of about 5 to 8 pounds (typically more for men. Darn those men)

As for me, I never did sort out the precise source of my belly ache, just that it went away. And I picked up some positive habits, terrific recipes, and newfound knowledge that have stuck with me ever since.

If this at all speaks to you, head on over to the NOURISH SITE to learn more. The start date for the next program is September 21, with a one-week prep period beginning September 14. Danielle is kindly offering my readers a 25 percent discount. If you enter the code MKH when your register, it will cost $97 instead of $127.

Who’s in?


09.08.2015 at7:32 AM #

Danielle Omar -- Food Confidence RD

Woo hoo! I’m in!! Thanks for all the Nourish love and support, Katie!

09.08.2015 at7:32 AM #


Do you know if Danielle offers a whole food for pregnancy type thing? I may be expecting, and I want to eat as healthy as possible and could use some coaching.

09.08.2015 at7:32 AM #

Katie Morford

Happy to share your good work!

09.08.2015 at7:47 AM #

Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean

love that she does this program. sounds wonderful!

09.08.2015 at9:23 AM #

Sally @ Real Mom Nutrition

Nice post! I did Danielle’s program twice and was struck by the positive difference in how I felt. Her program really did change how I feel about what I eat, and some of the habits I picked up in the program (like drinking green smoothies) have stuck with me.

09.08.2015 at9:23 AM #

Katie Morford

Yes to the green smoothies. That’s become my “go to” reset button breakfast. Glad to hear you had a similar positive experience with Nourish.

09.08.2015 at9:54 AM #

EA-The Spicy RD

So glad you were able to get your belly ache to go away, and it sounds like a wonderful program! Since I work with clients with a lot of similar issues, I am always so happy for them to start feeling better again! So many have gone to countless physicians, etc. without any answers before I see them, and the benefits of “food as medicine” truly can be life changing!

09.08.2015 at9:54 AM #

Katie Morford

Thanks for your wise two cents, EA. Even for folks who don’t have a specific ailment, I think it can be good to switch it up and take a good look at how you’re eating and where there might be room for improvement.

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