Real Girls Eat Avocados

Call me gender-biased, but avocados are one of those foods that I lump into a discreet category of good eats I consider “girl food.” I say this based on the four females under my roof who have a love for avocados unmatched by the lone male. Sure Mr. Mom’s Kitchen can take down a bowl of guacamole, no problem, but I’ve never seen him eat an avocado smashed onto whole grain toast for breakfast, or diced into a salad of citrus and little gems for lunch, or doused with lime and salt and eaten straight from the peel for a snack.

And so it doesn’t surprise me that Absolutely Avocados, a delightful new cookbook devoted entirely to this fabulous fruit, was written by a woman.

Avocados as girl food makes sense. It’s a sensuous food chock full of nourishing properties especially suited to women: vitamin E for healthy skin, along with folic acid, that “must have” nutrient for pregnancy. They’re also an excellent source of both potassium and fiber (and not bad whipped into a luscious face mask).

But aren’t avocados high in fat and calories?

Relative to other fruits and vegetables, yes, they are. Half of a Hass avocado weighs in at about 130 calories and 12 grams of fat. But the fat has some serious upsides:

1. It’s mostly monounsaturated (the cholesterol-lowering, “heart healthy” kind).
2. It’s part of what gives avocados staying power (they fill you up).
3. It aids the absorption of other nutrients (add avocado to a chopped salad , for example, and the vitamins in the veggies will be better absorbed).

Fruit magic, that is.

The real reason to eat avocados, though, isn’t because they’re good for you, but because they’re good. And nobody can show you how to make the most of an avocado better than Gaby Dalkins and her Absolutely Avocados cookbook. The 80-recipe book devotes one chapter entirely to guacamole (hello!), but then moves into new territory with recipes using avocados in all manner of inventive and inspiring dishes.

Case in point is this Southwestern Egg Casserole
Southwestern Egg Casserole from Absolutely Avocados /

These Avocado Super Food Smoothies
Avocado Super Food Smoothie from Absolutely Avocados /
And even Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies

Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies from Absolutely Avocados /

Lucky for one of you, I’m giving away a copy as part of my Month of Mother’s Day Giveaways. You can enter one of two ways (or both):

1. “Like” Mom’s Kitchen Handbook on Facebook and let me know you’ve done so in the comments section below.

2. Leave a comment below saying how you and your family enjoy avocados.

Contest ends Wednesday May 22nd at midnight PST. Must be 18 years or older, live in the United States, and not be related to me.


Disclosure: Mom’s Kitchen Handbook received a complimentary copy of Absolutely Avocados for this giveaway. The opinions expressed are completely my own.


05.15.2013 at3:20 AM #

Amy Mason

We love avocados on top of turkey burgers with tomatoes and Dijon. Yum yum!

05.15.2013 at3:33 AM #


I like them in what we call an “Aruba Salad”. Chopped up Shrimp, avocado, tomatoes, cucumbers, sometimes hunks of stale bread, cilantro with a lime dressing. Also with some maldon salt and a squeeze of lemon on whole grain toast.

05.15.2013 at3:37 AM #


I liked on facebook and we eat avocados weekly

05.15.2013 at4:13 AM #

barbara n

My family loves avocados made into chunky guacamole!

05.15.2013 at4:47 AM #


Liked on fb

05.15.2013 at4:48 AM #


My 2 year old eats scrambled eggs and 1/2 of an avocado most mornings!

05.15.2013 at5:12 AM #


I’m a quiet e-mail subscriber to your feeds, but when I saw the title of this post in my e-mail inbox, I ignored my other e-mails and immediately clicked to read the full post. I love avocados! Sadly I stayed away from them in high school and college (because, “oh my gosh, they are so fattening!”). I’m so glad I got over that stage in my life! Avocadoes are divine, green, beautiful filling fruit! I add them to my smoothies, use them instead of mayo on sandwiches, and of course they top anything to do with salads and everything to do with mexican food! YUM!
I’m currently coaxing my twin 6-year olds girls to get over the fact that avocadoes are “green” and taste them. Bribing has it’s advantages 🙂 But seriously, how awesome would it be for them to come home to home-made cookies that have avocado in them?! (I might have to make sure I leave them one or two each, but anything more will be eaten before they come home!).
I’ve “liked” you on FB. Thanks!

05.15.2013 at5:12 AM #

Katie Morford

I think a lot of us avoided avocados during the “fat phobic” 90s, and beyond. Nice that the nutrition pendulum has swung in their favor!

05.15.2013 at5:42 AM #


Because of your brilliance – we are loving the avo smoothie 🙂 Thanks!!

05.15.2013 at5:46 AM #


I “liked” your facebook page. We love guacamole (of course!) and avacados on our salad, in our sandwiches, and in our smoothies.

05.15.2013 at5:58 AM #


I constantly have an avocado around my house for my meals. Last week, I made some homemade corn tortillas. To help get rid of the lot in my fridge (and not die of taco boredom) I toast up the tortillas in a dry skillet, mash some avocado on them and top it with a bit of fresh pico de gallo!

And come on… nothing can beat a good slice of avocado toast!

05.15.2013 at6:21 AM #


Avocados were one of my daughter’s first foods…and we still love them! They are her “go-to” snack and she’ll eat them straight out of the peel…no lime or salt needed!
*You are definitely “liked” on facebook!

05.15.2013 at6:32 AM #

Amber Ditzer

I liked you on FBI. Avocado was the first solid food my kids ate and they have never stopped loving them. We eat a lot of guacamole and we also love making our black bean-avocado chopped salad with celery, bell peppers, scallion, corn and a lemon, mustard, olive oil dressing! I bet me kids would love the avocado smoothie!

05.15.2013 at6:34 AM #


We eat avocados all the time…guacamole, on top of sandwiches, plain, as a spread, in salads, in smoothies, etc., etc.

05.15.2013 at6:34 AM #


I follow you on facebook.

05.15.2013 at6:42 AM #

Brittany F.

I absolutely love avocados! I could eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day! I have been wanting to try avocados in cookies because I have been hearing about it so much lately…You have now inspired me to do so! Thank you so much! This cookbook looks absolutely amazing 🙂

05.15.2013 at6:51 AM #


Thanks Katie…looks like a great book.

Zoe and I love slicing a half of avocado (or a whole if really hungry) into thin slices and arranging on plate..
Throwing onion, garlic, mushrooms (lots of these:) , broccoli, red pepper, carrots and whatever green leafy (spinach, chard, kale we have) into a sizzling wok of peanut oil and seasoning with paprika, salt, pepper
Arrange hot stir fried veggies on top of avocado and sprinkle with toasted walnuts or almonds…heavenly…and very clean.

Now if I could just get Maya to join in…she just picks out the broccoli and carrots:)

05.15.2013 at6:51 AM #

Katie Morford

Yum….love the idea of hot veggies melting over the avocado.

05.15.2013 at7:12 AM #


I love avocado on whole grain toast with arugula. For my 9mo daughter I dip slices in lemon water and freeze to mix in with cereal, chicken, veggies, anything.

05.15.2013 at7:36 AM #


i will eat avacado any way i can! love guac, love it on burritos or quesadillas, love it plain!

05.15.2013 at7:45 AM #

Mary Frances

I learned to love avocados when I was in my late ’20s, and worked near a restaurant in Toronto called “The Avocado Club” – lots of dishes that featured avocados … sandwiches, salads and killer guacamole. I would dream about their salad which featured a very simple dressing of safflower oil, apple cider vinegar and tamari … it went so well with the avocados! Although the restaurant has long since closed its doors, the memory of that salad lives on. I think I’ll grab some avocados and make it tonight!

05.15.2013 at7:47 AM #

Lisa Hake

We love Avocados in this house. We dice them into salads, use just past ripe ones for guacamole, add them to sandwiches, really we can’t get enough of them. I am always looking for news ways to incorporate this superfood into our diet. A cookbook devoted to them sounds amazing!

05.15.2013 at7:47 AM #

Lisa Hake

Favorite recipe is to take Quinoa, black beans, corn, and fire roasted tomatoes toss together and warm, then throw in some avocado and goat cheese and mix together. It is a great healthy combo my whole family loves.

05.15.2013 at7:52 AM #


I liked your facebook page and love chunky guacamole. Yum!

05.15.2013 at7:56 AM #

Caryn Stumpfl

I love avocados (especially Florida’s freshest right off the trees)! We make a ton of homemade quac this time of year chock full of red onions, tomatoes, peppers, cilantro and fresh lime juice. I also like to cut up avocado and eat it as a snack with a little lemon or lime juice sprinkled on top. My absolute favorite way to enjoy them though is in a black bean salad: black beans, onions, cucumber, green pepper, tomatoes, cilantro, celery and avocado cut up on top. Yummy!

05.15.2013 at7:59 AM #


Avocado with black beans, fresh white corn, red pepper (because my husband is not a tomato fan), lime juice and cilantro for a easy summer salad. And we always add shrimp to our guacamole!

05.15.2013 at8:48 AM #

Cindy Moritz

It’s before 9 a.m. here in Washington and reading all these comments is making my mouth water for something with avocados. I think I’ll go put some on toast for my breakfast. Our family fave is any Mexican food which almost always includes avocados, but after today I think I’ll be more adventurous when I go to use that lovely green fruit. Smoothies are next on my list. Thanks for getting me to think outside the box!

05.15.2013 at9:03 AM #

Christie da Silva

The only fruit my 3 year old daughter Izzy will eat is avocados. (If you are only going to have one, it’s a good one, right?!) Its a good thing we live in California because I cannot count the number of avocados our family goes through. Most often cut in half with a spoon for Izzy. She’s a purist. However, we’ll sometimes fill the middle with ranch for fun.

05.15.2013 at9:03 AM #

Katie Morford

Cute Izzy!

05.15.2013 at9:15 AM #


I grew up in a family who enjoyed avocados the simplest of ways- just cut up and sliced on the side with your breakfast. My little girl loves them just like this. We also enjoy then smashed on toasted bread of choice, slices of tomato, and a little salt and pepper!

05.15.2013 at9:17 AM #


Double likes on FB!

05.15.2013 at9:54 AM #


Katie will often take an avocado to eat with a spoon for her lunch. We pre-cut it and take the stone out, then put it back together to stop it going brown. I’m also very fond of an avocado and cheese sandwich.

05.15.2013 at10:06 AM #


Here @ my house avocados are a staple food! 🙂 Whether subbed for mayonnaise or butter, made into dip or just eaten plain- we love them!
Haha- your post makes me want some right now! Yum!

Already follow on FB.

05.15.2013 at10:09 AM #


While I put avocado in almost anything, my husband refers to them as “that mushy stuff”. One of my favorite grilled chicken recipes calls for avocado sliced onto chicken and then melting Monterey Jack cheese on top of it. So delicious!

05.15.2013 at10:10 AM #


I came back from a week in Baja and decided I needed more avocados in my life. I have been buying them regularly since and picked up Gaby’s book last week. We enjoyed one of her yummy salads with our black bean soup this week!

05.15.2013 at10:30 AM #


When I was little I hated avocados. My grandfather, a gardener and nature lover, loved them in his salad. He told me God only made so many things for us to enjoy and avocado was one of them. I laughed. Then, when I was 16, I got a job at a mexican restaurant. That’s where I discovered guacamole…creamy, zesty, delicious! I have been hooked ever since. Honestly, my favorite way to eat an avocado is straight from the peel – salt, pepper and a spoon! But I love them in omelets, on soup, in smoothies, in guacamole… Now I live in California and I am so lucky to have easy access to delicious avocados!

05.15.2013 at10:31 AM #


Oh – and I liked your page on facebook. 🙂

05.15.2013 at10:31 AM #

Sharon Harrison

Entire family loves avocados, so much that when the grandbabies were ready for solids…yes, avocado was their first solid. At 2&4, it is still a favorite right from the shell! But they also get it combined in many of their meal combos. Now in a few months the next 2 babies will be starting with avocado too.

05.15.2013 at10:44 AM #


I liked on FB. I like avocados just straight out of the skin with a spoon! Yum!

05.15.2013 at1:12 PM #


Love avocado any way. Will have to look for her book

05.15.2013 at1:37 PM #

Kathleen LG

My favorite breakfast lately…a toasted corn tortilla with a sunny side up egg, sliced avocado and dollop of tomato salsa. What a way to start the day!

05.15.2013 at2:00 PM #

Jennifer Paine

I often have an avocado in my salad with either a pear or an orange. I had one for lunch just today!

05.15.2013 at2:01 PM #


Like you on FB

05.15.2013 at2:02 PM #


I like them on salads and sandwiches. Really on anything!

05.15.2013 at2:39 PM #


I love avocados. Nothing is better than an avocado and cheese sandwich at the beach. I also love shrimp, avocado, red onion and green bean salad. Now I’m hungry. I’ve never heard of using them in cookies. I’ll have to try that.

05.15.2013 at3:39 PM #


We use advocados for my awesome guacamole, on top of burgers, in salads and I love them just plain. I’m intrigued by the chocolate chip cookies!

05.15.2013 at3:51 PM #

Brittany F.

I follow you on facebook 🙂

05.15.2013 at6:05 PM #


I use lovely ripe avocados as a substitute for butter and spread it on the bread of my cheese, chicken or ham sandwiches. Love a good simple guacamole too and its great pureed and stirred into rice with lime juice, salt and pepper. Overall it is yum.

05.17.2013 at11:28 AM #

Leslie Settles

I’ve liked on Facebook! Id like this book because I once was the only one in my house who would touch an avocado now everyone seems to enjoy them … even the men. This book would be a great way to make avocados even more enjoyable!

05.17.2013 at3:31 PM #


I like you on facebook

05.17.2013 at3:32 PM #


We love avocados especially BLT’s with avocado.

05.17.2013 at8:05 PM #

Jessica Smyth

I liked you on facebook.

05.17.2013 at8:09 PM #

Jessica Smyth

I am excited to try those chocolate chip avocado cookies. I eat avocados every day, in fact I just started a diet where avocados are one of my main sources of fat, and I have lost 5lbs in 3 days….love them! And so does my 2 year old in his words they are “mummy”.

05.18.2013 at6:41 AM #

Brenda Bradford

I liked you on Facebook. My family and I love avocados and have found more and more ways to use them in recipes. Recently I was able to substitute mayonnaise with avocado to make a healthier version of Green Goddess Dressing.

05.18.2013 at11:50 AM #


I like to make egg salad and scoop it into 1/2 an avocado instead of putting it on bread. We call it an “egg salad avocado boat.” I’ve also made a curry egg salad that uses mashed avocado instead of mayo. Delicious!

05.18.2013 at1:47 PM #


Oh Katie, it’s such a boy food in our house (of course)!
We love avocados so much that we have a day dream of owning an avocado ranch down in Temecula!

My favorite salad is:
mixed greens
sliced orange segments
avocado cubed
diced red onion
chicken (optional)
toasted, salted almond slices
and a dressing I got from you, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and a bit of honey

Thanks for the post. Good one.

05.18.2013 at2:48 PM #


I liked you on Facebook and I absolutely love, love, love avocado! I sneak into salads, sandwiches, dips and would love to learn more.

05.18.2013 at2:50 PM #


I liked you on Facebook. I absolutely love, love, love avocado! I sneak into salads, sandwiches, dips!

03.31.2014 at4:08 PM #


Hey… I’m a boy and I love avocado. I eat it any which way I can, even raw with lemon juices. 🙁

03.31.2014 at4:08 PM #

Katie Morford

Sorry if I offended, Kenny. Glad to hear avocados are guy food, too!

12.17.2018 at4:28 PM #


I like to bake with avacado, add them to meatballs…but then again I will slice and eat one right from the skin with a spoon… ☺

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