Four Tips for Healthier Fro Yo

We’re having a bit of a heat wave in San Francisco, which means frozen treats on the brain. There is certainly no shortage of options, particularly when it comes to frozen yogurt, which is enjoying a major comeback these days.

Fro yo is a pretty solid choice as far as indulgences go: lighter in fat and calories than ice cream, and a dose of calcium and protein you’re not likely to get in a cookie or cupcake. Problem is, the cup size. Go to one of those self-serve joints and even the small could feed a party of three. Tack on the tempting scoops of candy and cookies, and you might as well be at Ben and Jerrys.

Here are a few pointers so you don’t go in for a light treat and come out with a sugar bomb:

1. Watch the Weight. If you are doing self service, consider 4 to 6 ounces a reasonable portion for kid-size appetites. Fill up the cup part way and ask to have it weighed before you add more. This lets you keep tabs on the serving before going overboard. Those giant cups can make even a six ouncer appear deceptively small.

2. Keep it Petite. If someone else is serving you, ask if they will kindly keep the portion small. They will usually oblige a request for a “baby” or “mini” size.

3. Heavy up on the Fruit. The plus side of these places is plenty of pretty terrific looking fruit. But be sure to avoid the ones sitting in sugar syrup.

4. Consider the Cone. Standard cones (sorry guys, not the waffle ones) are pretty low in calories and limit the amount of frozen yogurt you can get on there. Plus, it somehow ups the “treat factor” in kids’ eyes.

For a more about the fro yo trend and tips for keeping things in check, go to Portion Teller, a blog written by registered dietitian (and my former nutrition professors) Lisa Young.



09.29.2011 at8:17 AM #


We love these frozen yogurt places, but I cannot for the life to me find what their ingredients are. They will tell you what their top allergens are, but they won’t tell you if they use HFCS or food dyes, so I have to assume they do and avoid them, which is a real bummer.

09.29.2011 at8:17 AM #

Katie Morford

I agree … It.s annoying that they don’t make the ingredients more public. I imagine the quality of ingredients varies by brand. With a little digging on the Internet you may get some answers. Here, for example, are ingredient in the national chain Yogen Fruz.

09.29.2011 at9:07 AM #

Pamela Prime

Looks yummy! Thanks for the great tips!

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