Free Weekly Meal Plan and Shopping List

Free Weekly Healthy Meal Plan

In a recent conversation about family meals, my friend Betsy confessed that while she enjoys cooking, she falls short in switching up her repertoire of recipes. She knows how to cook, she told me, but just can’t settle on what to cook.

It’s a sentiment I’ve heard a lot over the years, including in a recent thread about family dinner on my Facebook page. The barrage of recipes in magazines, blogs, and Instagram, although inspiring, can also be so overwhelming that many home cooks throw up their hands and stick with what they know.

With that in mind, I’m launching a new weekly feature on Mom’s Kitchen Handbook that I’m really excited about:

Weeknight Rescue

Weeknight Rescue is designed to help with the “What to Cook” part of the equation. Every Saturday morning I’ll send out a meal time game plan for the week. It will include:

  1. Three dinner recipes curated specifically for that week

    I’ll choose the recipes based on seasonality, balanced nutrition, ease of cooking, and balance of flavors  (ie, I won’t include more than one pasta, slow cooker dish, or Mexican dish in the same week). Each recipe will include suggestions for what to serve on the side. Three recipes is a solid starting point for a week of meals, You can fill in the rest of the week with your tried-and-true staples, sandwich night, leftovers, and so on.

  2. One recipe to batch cook

    I’ll include one big batch recipe with tips for how to use it in meals during the week. Examples might be a jar of homemade vinaigrette for dressing salads and vegetables or a pot of whole grains to turn into side dishes or stir into breakfast eggs.

  3. One bonus recipe

    This will be something to brighten up the week, such as favorite cookies, granola bars to make with the kids, or a batch of muffins when berries are in season.

  4. A shopping list

Every Weeknight Rescue will include a printable grocery list with the ingredients for the five featured recipes. You can decide to do them all or cherry pick the ingredients you need for just the recipes you plan to make.

To get WEEKNIGHT RESCUE delivered every Saturday morning to your inbox, be sure to enter your email in the subscribe box on the right side of this page.

Free Weekly Healthy Meal Plan


08.17.2017 at6:09 AM #


I am so excited about this new series! I’m in such a rut with what we eat. Plus, that cookbook seems like a wondeful tool to help in the kitchen.

08.17.2017 at6:24 AM #


I get in a rut too! So excited to check this out! I love all your cookbooks!

08.17.2017 at7:01 AM #

Firouzeh Foroutan

Katie, I literally can’t wait for you to start this! I totally agree that despite the 100’s of recipes out there, I am constantly making the same meals over and over again! I think it’s partly habit, partly because it’s easier, and partly because I’m too busy to put away a few minutes to plan ahead. So glad you thought of this!! Thank you.

08.17.2017 at7:54 AM #

Jessica @ Small Bites by Jessica

What an awesome new feature! I can’t wait to get it! And love Toby’s new book. You know I’m all about meal planning!

08.17.2017 at8:45 AM #

Kristen M

I’m in the same boat of knowing how to cook, but having difficulty deciding what to cook. With school around the corner, I’ll gladly accept help! I have a few basics that I keep stocked for quick meals/snacking. They are hard boiled eggs, homemade yogurt (both made in the Instant Pot), and frozen fruit for smoothies. Greens, like kale or spinach, that begin to look past their prime are blended and frozen for smoothies too.

08.17.2017 at2:09 PM #


I love this feature! I’m in desperate need for a redo of how I do lunches in my house!

08.17.2017 at2:31 PM #

Amanda Gilman

Just in time for a new school year! As a full time teacher and mom, this is the time of the year that I have to kick meal planning into high gear.

08.17.2017 at2:34 PM #


Tip: it’s all in the planning. But you can roast frozen veggies – not quite as good as fresh but if you pre-heat the pan they “roast” better. Looking forward to your new blog series!

08.17.2017 at2:45 PM #


This sounds great! I can’t wait to check it out!

08.17.2017 at3:02 PM #

Diane Smith

Your genius idea is our gain! Thank you, and I look forward to your inspiration! A friend told me recently that she does some dinner meal prep in the AM while getting breakfast ready. Even just a few minutes of prep earlier in the day can help shave time during the busy dinner rush to get a meal on the table.

08.17.2017 at3:56 PM #


Looking forward for ideas to better plan for family meals.

08.17.2017 at3:59 PM #


planning tips and ideas! Just what I needed!

08.17.2017 at4:15 PM #


This would be a wonderful book to dig into as school starts and the weather changes!

08.17.2017 at4:37 PM #

Karen R

This is perfect! As a working mom, I’m always looking for healthy family meals that can be planned ahead of time.

08.17.2017 at4:53 PM #

Toni Durbano

Looking forward to the new feature!

08.17.2017 at5:24 PM #

Erin Gordon

Yes! I need this!

08.17.2017 at6:44 PM #

Christine O

I want/need to win so bad!!!!!

08.17.2017 at8:33 PM #

Liz B

I’m looking forward to your first email!

08.17.2017 at8:44 PM #


I often make the same things over and over. Looking forward to hearing some new ideas!

08.17.2017 at9:12 PM #


That book looks awesome. And I really can’t wait for weeknight rescue. Thank you!

08.18.2017 at1:32 AM #


looking forward to the new series!

08.18.2017 at2:20 AM #

Anna Ipsen

I can’t wait to check this book out. My boyfriend and I sometimes get lazy and opt for convince foods since it is just the two of us. We also tend to eat the same stuff over and over again. This book seems like a great tool for some healthy meal ideas and planning

08.18.2017 at3:29 AM #

Jennifer Poelking

Thank you for this!!! I can never select what to cook.

08.18.2017 at3:31 AM #

Kim Fishback

I love this idea! I spend hours of my week trying to figure out how to eat healthy. I also overplan and end up spending time on what to do with all the vegetables that I buy. Also The book might just be a godsend for me because I always try to cook ahead. Thank you Katie for your good ideas and your generosity. Kim

08.18.2017 at3:44 AM #

Michelle Favara

I need help with dinner planning! With busy kids and work, we scramble too many nights to figure out what to eat.

08.18.2017 at3:44 AM #

Holly mccormick

This looks great, can’t wait for your series, I work weekends always trying to find time on Friday/Mondays to prep for the following week.

08.18.2017 at3:49 AM #

Lisa Burke

What a great helpful new segment! Looking forward to it!
Lisa Burke
Hopkinsville, KY

08.18.2017 at3:57 AM #


Would love to win!

08.18.2017 at3:57 AM #

Jen reimer

I make the same things over and over, so excited to check your blog out for more inspiration😘

08.18.2017 at4:15 AM #


I’ve previously heard about this cookbook. It looks like one I’d love to add to my collection!

08.18.2017 at4:20 AM #


This is much needed as I can never seem to get my act together!

08.18.2017 at4:42 AM #


Our family already does meal planning (2 weeks at at time), but some weeks it just falls apart because, honestly, sometimes I’m just not in the mood to cook any of the things on our meal planner when I get home from work. I, too, feel like I cook the same things over and over, and would like to find some new favorites to add to the mix.

08.18.2017 at4:50 AM #


Meal prep? Heck yes! This frazzled mom needs all the help she can get these days!

08.18.2017 at4:52 AM #


I suffer from this! Definitely looking forward to your new series!
I find that I can do almost anything if my kitchen is clean (which is also a struggle), so I would say making sure that the counter and sink is clean and clear is a stepping stone to dinner success.

08.18.2017 at4:54 AM #


I am really looking forward to this weekly email!! Thank you so much.

08.18.2017 at5:01 AM #


I’m really excited about this new series! I sometimes have a hard time with meal planning. A boost like this will be great! Thank you!

08.18.2017 at5:03 AM #


Would love some weeknight rescues that are not waiting in line at Sweetgreens! Haha!

08.18.2017 at5:07 AM #

Jennifer H

Love this! Both the book and the meal help!

08.18.2017 at5:08 AM #

Maggie Murphy

I carve out breakfasts, lunches, snacks when I Sunday meal prep with more flexibility for dinners.

08.18.2017 at5:19 AM #

Elaine Rutter

Can’t wait for the first Weeknight Rescue. Thank you Katie!

08.18.2017 at5:47 AM #


Ready to sign up for this adventure. I am looking for all the help I can get.

08.18.2017 at5:53 AM #


New series will be great. My best prep tip is to wash all fruit and vegetables when you get them home from the store. Then store appropriately.

08.18.2017 at5:57 AM #

Valerie Ferrucci

Sounds great! I’d love the book!

08.18.2017 at6:04 AM #


I feel very lucky to follow your blog. I am a busy mom of 3 who loves to cook but I don’t often have the time or the time to come up with ideas! Thank you Katie for making my job as a mom easier!

08.18.2017 at6:09 AM #


This plan sounds like exactly what I need. I wish I had a great strategy to share but I am struggling in this area.

08.18.2017 at6:31 AM #

Carly Jakstys

I’m also an RD and I love to see new healthy cookbooks written by dietitians! Being a new mom, I’m having to adjust the way I cook and I’m really excited to read your Weeknight Rescue feature and this cook book!

08.18.2017 at6:32 AM #


I have such trouble deciding what to cook. Since I read cooking magazines and love to collect recipes, I keep an ongoing list of what to try next. Though I don’t always get to them, if helps inspire me when I’m unsure of what to make.

08.18.2017 at6:51 AM #


Can’t wait for the new weekly feature!

08.18.2017 at6:58 AM #


Your new series sounds great – I look forward to your recipes and ideas. I hope there will be vegetarian options sometimes. Thanks, Katie!

08.18.2017 at7:02 AM #

Carl Bower

I need this!!!

08.18.2017 at7:25 AM #


This sounds great! I need all the help I can get .

08.18.2017 at7:31 AM #

Wendy Campbell

With school back in session, I really could use a good tweak to my dinner routine!

08.18.2017 at7:39 AM #


Weeknight Rescue is a fantastic idea and Saturmorning is the perfect time to send it out! I am looking forward to the first one. Thank you!

08.18.2017 at7:50 AM #

Sue Hopkins

Very excited! Need to change it up a bit!

08.18.2017 at7:51 AM #


I love to buy chicken breast and thighs in bulk and trim (and usually butterfly) them and then freeze them in marinades-so the only prep I need is to remember to remove them from the freezer a day or two ahead of time. This looks like a great book!

08.18.2017 at8:13 AM #


I buy a rotisserie chicken and a jar of tomatilla sauce…make green enchiladas one night (with a salad with chicken skin croutons), next night we have chicken soup with broth from the bones and the rest of the chicken. I could probably stretch it out to chicken salad sandwiches as well. It’s an easy way to plan three meals as long as I have basics in the fridge (salad fixings, onions, carrots).

08.18.2017 at8:16 AM #

Mary Ann

I can’t wait to see your weeknight dinner ideas and the book looks great too!

08.18.2017 at8:17 AM #


Looking forward for this new series.

08.18.2017 at8:47 AM #


This sounds great! It is something I struggle with. I do try to spend Sunday afternoon prepping mason jar salads for my husband and my self and some type of casserole for lunch leftovers.

08.18.2017 at9:39 AM #

Tina Engberg

We’re three weeks into school and the kids are already complaining about my dinner selections. It’s going to be a long year.

08.18.2017 at9:51 AM #


Love having washed and prepped veggies in fridge!

08.18.2017 at9:55 AM #

Nicole Mills

I’m also someone who can cook, but meal planning is a chore. I’m looking forward to this new feature of the blog.

08.18.2017 at10:10 AM #

Trudy Verzosa

I have been trying to find a resource for prepping meals ahead of time on the weekend. This looks perfect!

08.18.2017 at10:22 AM #


So excited for this! I love meal planning and prepping.

08.18.2017 at10:51 AM #

Jennifer Johns

The cookbook sounds great!

08.18.2017 at11:19 AM #


Wow.. This new weekly email will be a blessing!
I’m thrilled that it will be healthy.
Thank you!

08.18.2017 at11:35 AM #


Tip: I make all school lunches on Sunday night so they are ready to go all week. It’s so much more efficient to cut up veggies and fruits once and just portion it out. I’ve also found lunches are healthier this way. I can visually see 5 proteins, 5 dairies, 5 veg, 5 fruit, etc. and because it is all made I don’t ever feel the need to grab processed stuff in a rush to make lunch.

08.18.2017 at12:34 PM #


Would love some new recipes!

08.18.2017 at12:36 PM #


I’m so looking forward to this new series. As a busy mom of two growing boys, I need all the help I can get!

08.18.2017 at12:58 PM #

Gisella Santiago-Gronka

Our family is excited to check out this new book!!

08.18.2017 at1:06 PM #

Kimmy Ripley

Cooking is my #1 passion in life and it brings me so much pleasure and joy. Would be thrilled to add a new cookbook to my collection. Thanks so very much for the chance!

08.18.2017 at2:14 PM #

Colleen Brooks

Everyone I know cold use this cookbook! Looking forward to the weeknight rescue.

08.18.2017 at3:08 PM #


Would love some weekend prep ideas

08.18.2017 at4:18 PM #

Carine Gursky

This is exactly what l need. I’m in a deep rut these days. Can’t wait!

08.18.2017 at4:23 PM #

Samia Kullab

Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in Weeknight Rescue!

08.18.2017 at7:36 PM #


I’m excited about your recipe rescue posts! Thank you!

08.18.2017 at8:57 PM #


Love the idea for the new column and cookbook

08.19.2017 at9:19 AM #

Jennifer Sandberg

I am really struggling with menu planning lately! I hate thinking of what to cook. Can’t wait to have your help!

08.19.2017 at2:19 PM #

Suze Clark

This book looks wonderful. I’m retired but I cook everyday. Could use keep with prep because I don’t have the same energy at the end of the day. So I’m looking for ways to jump start meals.

08.19.2017 at3:20 PM #


I’m excited for your new series. Thank you!

08.19.2017 at5:50 PM #


Book looks great I hope I win

08.19.2017 at8:07 PM #


Just what I need to make week nights a little less hectic.

08.20.2017 at9:04 AM #


This book sounds awesome!!

08.20.2017 at9:14 AM #

Shiseida beeler

This book is right on time! It would be very useful and beneficial for my family of five.

08.20.2017 at11:51 AM #


This sounds like a great help!

08.20.2017 at5:51 PM #


Sounds like just what I need!

08.20.2017 at7:33 PM #

Karen Beal

I always seem to default to the same weekly meals so I’d love to mix in some new ideas. With a 3 year old and a 1 year old, if I don’t plan ahead, I regret it ! Planned ahead always results in a more healthy variety and a more organized prep!

08.21.2017 at7:59 AM #

Wendy Okano

Planning ahead is the only way to stay on track during the week! If I stay on track all week, I can reward myself with some treats on the weekend… love it! Can’t wait to try your recipes!

08.21.2017 at12:09 PM #

Cindy Swansiger

Amen!….and thank you for creating this much needed menu machine!

08.21.2017 at7:13 PM #

Carol Ezovski

I need this book to get myself more organized! Thanks.

08.22.2017 at5:22 AM #

Wendy Slater

Love your site and tips. Some of the home delivery meals are fab but costly. Hopefully this cookbook and your website can provide the same ideas at a lower cost.

08.22.2017 at9:58 AM #

Evelyn Yanke

This would be a great asset for my patients who need to lose weight and eat healthy.

08.22.2017 at10:37 AM #

Kimmy Ripley

Cooking is my #1 passion in life and new cookbooks inspire me. I tweeted~ motherofpearl81

08.22.2017 at5:45 PM #

Brittany McKnight

This book looks really useful! I would love to give it a try:)

08.22.2017 at6:02 PM #

Dina L

My goal is to get healthy this Fall and start preparing all my meals at least 5 days a week. I haven’t felt well, so I have been eating unhealthy food most days. It’s easier, but it certainly doesn’t make me healthy. I’d love to learn about all your meal prep ideas and start planning my week!

08.22.2017 at8:17 PM #


I need help – too much processed food on school nights with sports practices, etc

08.22.2017 at10:02 PM #


This is an amazing idea!!! Thank you!!!

08.23.2017 at5:01 AM #

Alice @ Hip Foodie Mom

Excited about your new series and this cookbook!! I would love to win a copy! Cheers!

08.23.2017 at8:42 AM #


I really need to start for my health

08.23.2017 at2:02 PM #

Jennifer M

I could definitely use this!

08.23.2017 at2:06 PM #

melanie huttner

Would love to win this! THANKS!

08.24.2017 at1:58 AM #


Great news! I can’t wait!

08.24.2017 at5:39 PM #

Kimberlee Magrill

Fingers crossed today is my lucky day! This mamma needs help getting back on track now that the kiddos will be heading back to school.

09.13.2017 at2:54 PM #

Laura S

I’m definitely excited about this meal plan, it sounds wonderful! I have wanted to try a meal plan for a while, but I just have a hard time getting organized enough. That also looks like such a wonderful cookbook, I would love to give it a try as well!

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