The Only Recipe to Follow on Mother’s Day

One of the first things I learned about my friend Pam when we met years ago was that every year on Mother’s Day she treats herself by checking into a hotel. Alone.

I liked her immediately.

It’s a tradition she started when her kids were little and she was desperate for a good night’s sleep and time to herself. She hasn’t missed a Mother’s Day since.

I know. Kinda heavenly.

What intrigues me most is the thought of one of those great big hotel baths all to myself without a child climbing in along with me or asking for help finding their (fill in the blank) just as I’m plunging into the bubbles or getting the tub halfway filled only to realize there’s no more hot water because small people have been taking long showers.

And so this year, while I’m not going to be checking into the Ritz, I do plan to treat myself to a hotel-style bath. I’ll ask my crew to skiddadle and pretend I’m in one of those giant tubs, all by myself.

My bath salts are about the only recipe I’m planning to follow this Mother’s Day. I advise you to do the same.

It’s going to be delicious.


This is a more luxurious version of the bath my mom would make for us when we were kids:a combination of Epsom salt and baking soda. The addition of essential oils, herbs, and flowers makes it suitable enough to qualify as a Mother’s Day indulgence.

1 cup fine sea salt
1 cup baking soda
3 drops lavendar oil or other favorite essential oil
2 big sprigs fresh lavendar
Rose petals

Start filling your bath with water as hot as you like it.

As the water is running pour the salt and soda in so it dissolves.

Add the lavendar oil and sprigs of fresh lavender. Swirl it around the tub with your hand.

Sprinkle rose petals over the top.

Climb in.



05.11.2012 at7:44 AM #


Very sweet Kate~~~Happy Mother’s Day to you!

05.11.2012 at7:47 AM #


Thank you Katie…
A beautiful post, written by a mother who lives her life beautifully!
Happy Mothers Day:)

05.11.2012 at7:47 AM #

Katie Morford

Thank you Kelly!

05.11.2012 at11:11 AM #

Pam Hochman

If only the Pam in question was me! I think I have a new plan for this weekend – or one soon to come.

05.11.2012 at11:55 AM #

Anne Mullen

Sounds great for grandmothers, too. Have a happy bath and Mother’s Day, Katie.

05.09.2013 at7:10 PM #


I also wish I was that Pam!

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