Weeknight Rescue//2022//Week 12

open faced egg sandwich on spinach

I don’t know about you, but I’m enjoying the lighter, brighter evenings that daylight savings brings. And Sunday is the official start of spring, so I’m ready to bring all the seasonal recipes to the table. I’ve worked a favorite springy salad into the meal plan to get us started. Enjoy!

Tomato Soup and Waffle Iron Grilled Cheese

tomato soup and waffle iron grilled cheese

If you need something simple and comforting this week, I’ve got you covered with this soup and sandwich combo. If you’ve got kids at home, get them to help make sandwiches in the waffle iron. The soup recipe makes just enough for four bowls, but feel free to double it for lunches the next day.. 

Gorgeous Greek Chicken and Potatoes

Best Greek Chicken and potatoes

This six-ingredient dinner is not to be missed. It’s all done on a single sheet pan and loaded with flavor thanks to the magical mashup of olive oil, garlic, lemon, and oregano. All you need is a veggie side or salad (the Shaved Vegetable one below or this crunchy one would both be terrific). Invite friends. It’s that good.


Pan of moo shu vegetables

New to the blog, this is my take on a favorite Chinese takeout dish. I’ve made it as easy as possible by leaning on pre-shredded carrots and cabbage, along with pre-sliced mushrooms. The only prep required is chopping a couple cloves of garlic. Tucking it all into tortillas and drizzling on Hoisin sauce makes this a kid-favorite, too. P.S. It’s tasty the next day, so enjoy leftovers for lunch.


This is a recipe I developed last year for Simply Recipes and have made many times since. It features shaved raw vegetables tossed with walnuts, mint, Parmesan, and a citrusy dressing. On it’s own, the salad is probably not enough to qualify as dinner, but add a dish of lentils, leftover chicken from the recipe above, or a piece of roasted salmon, and you have a bright and appealing meal. Photo: Alison Bickel


meaty mushroom marinara

This is a big batch recipe designed with a “cook it once, eat it twice” goal. You can freeze any leftovers for next time or serve them for lunch or another dinner. It’s also quite flexible…make it with ground turkey, beef, or a plant-based “meat” if you prefer. I typically serve it over roasted cauliflower, but it’s excellent over rigatoni or fusilli as well. Make a simple salad to serve on the side and crusty bread for mopping up the sauce.  


Open faced spinach and egg sandwich on toast with fork and knife

This is a quick and healthy way to kick start your day. Pull out a skillet, crack an egg, add some leafy greens, nestle a slice of bread in there. Pile it all together and grab some utensils — this is a messy (and tasty) fork and knife affair.


Two glass jars of rice pudding topped with orange and nuts

I grew up on rice pudding, so for me this is real comfort food. It’s a nourishing treat, enriched with eggs and milk and sweetened with maple syrup. It has some staying power, so it can double as a satisfying make-ahead snack as well as dessert.


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