Weeknight Rescue//Fall 2022//Red Lentil Curry Soup/Meaty Marinara//Omelet//Loaded Quesadillas//Shrimp Skewers

Flexible Chopped Winter Salad in bowls with forks

Having enjoyed pie along with all the other Thanksgiving goodies for a few days running, I’m ready for a few lighter options and some ease in my cooking routine. I figure some of you might be looking for the same, so that’s what this meal plan is all about!

Red Lentil Coconut Curry Soup

coconut curry red lentil soup

Definitely one of my top soups of all time, this is both filling and incredibly nourishing. If you’ve made turkey broth from leftover bones, pull it out. There is nothing like homemade stock for making a terrific pot of soup!

Meaty Mushroom Marinara

meaty mushroom marinara

This is a big batch recipe designed with a “cook it once, eat it twice” goal. You can freeze any leftovers for next time or serve them for lunch or another dinner. It’s also quite flexible…make it with ground turkey, beef, or a plant-based “meat” if you prefer. I typically serve it over roasted cauliflower, but it’s excellent over rigatoni or fusilli as well. Make a simple salad to serve on the side and crusty bread for mopping up the sauce.  

The Perfect Omelet

How to make the perfect omelet

If you have cooking fatigue following Thanksgiving, this is a good fix for dinner. Add a green salad tossed with a simple vinaigrette on the side and you have perfectly suitable supper.

Loaded Chicken (or Turkey) Quesadillas with Avocado Salsa

Healthy Chicken and Vegetable Quesadillas

These quesadillas are ideal for a quick dinner using up some of your leftover turkey (or shredded rotisserie chicken from the market). Pair quesadilla wedges with a plate of crunchy veggies and black beans on the side.

Tangy Shrimp Skewers with Tangy Avocado Sauce

Plate of shrimp skewers with avocado herb sauce

This dish is all about the flavorful sauce that can be whirled in a blender in a matter of minutes. A combination of fresh cilantro, avocado, scallions, and lime juice, it’s a terrific way to brighten up a plate of skewered shrimp. If you don’t care for cilantro, make the sauce with fresh basil instead.

Flavorful and Flexible Chopped Winter Salad

Flexible Chopped Winter Salad in bowls with forks

This recipe is a longtime staple in my house. Enjoy it for lunch or as a dinner side dish. Add diced chicken (this slow cooker method is a good one) to make it a main dish supper. It will last a day or two in the fridge, which makes it a great leftover for lunch.

Pineapple Orange Green Smoothie

A glass and a jug of pineapple orange green smoothie

This luscious smoothie is full of green goodness and a snap to make. Frozen pineapple makes it quick to whiz up in a blender and the recipe includes plenty of ideas to boost the nutrition over the top.


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