Weeknight Rescue//January 2022//Week 3

Spatula in dish of Oven Baked Vegetarian Tofu Parmigiana

Welcome to the weekend, friends. For newcomers to my meal plan, you’ll find the full line up of recipes below along with a printable shopping list at the bottom of the page. In keeping with my One Good Thing campaign for January (to Set Yourself Up for Success), there is plenty here that you can prep ahead so that when it comes time for meals and snacks, you’ll have something at the ready. Enjoy!

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A bowl of delicious comfort, that’s what this soup is all about. It’s got all the basics of a standard chicken soup, but with a powerhouse of flavor thanks to lime, cilantro and a hit of heat. No sides needed here, though a crumble of cotija cheese over the top is a nice touch. 

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Spinach and Feta Pie

A lighter spin on a Greek-style spanikopita, this is an excellent make-ahead dish that doubles as a leftover for lunch. Don’t worry, filo dough is pretty easy to work with and seeing that golden puff come out of the oven is darn satisfying. As for sides? Maybe start with a cup of  tomato soup  or your favorite store-bought boxed soup (p.s. did you know that the vitamin C in tomato soup will boost the absorption of the iron in spinach?)

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Baked Tofu Parmesan

Oven Baked Tofu Parmesan with a spatula in a baking dish

Here’s a good one for meatless Monday. The tofu is breaded and baked until crispy and then layered with sauce and cheese. Add steamed or roasted broccoli and dinner is done. Leftovers are tasty a day or two later. Someone even messaged me this week to share the sandwich they made with leftover Tofu Parm tucked in a toasted English muffin.

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Skirt Steak with Salsa Verde

Skirt steak with salsa verde sliced on a cutting board with lemon garnish

Skirt steak works well for weeknight meals, since it’s a thin cut that cooks quickly. Or save this one for a weekend splurge. You can do this on the grill, in a cast iron skillet, or under a broiler. The salsa verde is Italian-style, with herbs, capers, and shallots. Grill or roast some little potatoes or other vegetables and toss together a salad with this vinaigrette.

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Easy, No-Knead Sheet Pan Pizza

This has become my go-to pizza to make at home. It’s pretty unfussy, is done in a big sheet pan, and like all pizza, makes an excellent breakfast the next day (try topping it with a fried egg). This makes for a nourishing salad on the side.

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This is the sort of salad to make ahead and stash in the fridge, since it keeps well for a few days. Enjoy it as a side dish or make it a main by adding sliced chicken, baked tofu, or chick peas for a boost of protein.


Overnight Oats in jars with spoons and with Banana and Almond Butter

A simple, make-ahead breakfast that you do up in a jar or bowl and stow in the fridge until morning. Feel free to stir a teaspoon or two of healthy “add ins” to the mix, such as hemp seeds, chia seeds, or ground flax. Serve it straight up or top with fruit, such as fresh mango or favorite berries. 


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