Weeknight Rescue Meal Plan for Week 5

Easy Vinegar Chicken

January comes to a close with this week’s meal plan. As always, you’ll find five dinner recipes and two bonus recipes on the meal plan, along with a printable shopping list at the bottom of the page. Since this month’s One Good Thing theme is to Set Yourself Up for Success, I’ve included my Green Goddess Dressing here. It’s a terrific thing to have on hand for quick salads or a veggie dip. You’ll also find my favorite banana bread, which I made last week and shipped off to my college girls. Enjoy the weekend!

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skillet of sausage cabbage and apples

 This one-skillet meal will satisfy the sausage lover in your house, but is still relatively light (it’s chicken sausage and the recipe has a hefty amount of cabbage and apples). Serve it with your favorite mustard (I’m partial to coarse grain Dijon) and a crusty baguette or hearty rye bread. 

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two lentil tacos on a plate

This is a very different spin on traditional tacos that’s more Indian in flavor than Tex Mex. You start by cooking lentils low and slow in curry, cumin, and other spices. Then spoon it onto tortillas, and top with yogurt and fresh cilantro. Delicious!

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I figure more than a few of you will be tuned into football this weekend, and this is a good game-day snack or supper. It’s a more nutrient-rich take on typical nachos made with sweet potatoes instead of fried tortilla chips. This recipe is easily customizable based on what you have in your refrigerator and pantry. While it is vegetarian, you can easily add meat or poultry, or serve it with a side of this Mexican Slaw.

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Chicken Thighs with Maple Vinegar Glaze

Chicken Thighs with fennel slaw

When I first made this chicken, my hubby declared it a new favorite. The tender chicken has a sweet/tangy glaze that pairs perfectly with the refreshing fennel salad on the side. A whole-grain dish of farro, sorghum, or brown rice tossed with fresh herbs and a squeeze of lemon might be nice, too.

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Simple Tomato Sauce for Pasta

This simple sauce is so good and so easy. Consider making a double batch and stashing the extras in the freezer for next time (that’s a way to set yourself up for success). I like to pair this pasta with a crunchy salad using this Balsamic Vinaigrette and a side of steamed broccoli doused with olive oil and lemon.

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Make a batch of this dressing to stash in the fridge this week. It’s terrific tossed with chopped Romaine, drizzled over roasted vegetables, or with crunchy vegetables for dunking.

Tender Banana Bread with Walnuts or Chocolate Chips

A loaf of Tender Banana Bread with Walnuts cut into thick slices on parchment with a bread knife

I’ve made more versions of banana bread than I can count, but this is my best loaf. Make it with chocolate chips or walnuts (or no adornment at all) to enjoy for breakfast, snack, or dessert.


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