Weeknight Rescue//July 2022//Avocado Tacos, No-Noodle Lasagna, Chopped Salad, Tuna Nicoise Pasta, Slow Roasted Salmon

chopped salad with chicken on white plates with blue gingham napkin

Since I sent out a slew of Fourth of July recipes and menu ideas a few days ago, I figured I’d focus on light and simple weeknight fare. If you’ve never made the No-Noodle Lasagna, give it a go. It’s a real winner for an easy summer meal. Also, I highly recommend the Raspberry Sorbet, which you can make in a snap using the food processor.


crispy avocado tacos with lettuce

I’m crazy about these simple, crispy tacos and make them often for both lunch and dinner. Serve with a side of beans and/or the Mexican Style Street Corn below.


A simple baked summer supper that is a hit with omnivores, vegetarians, gluten-free folks, and anyone looking to cook up a surplus of zucchini. Serve with a warm baguette to swipe up the tasty sauce.


Bowl of nicoise pasta with glass of wine

I’ve taken the flavors of a classic Nicoise salad and turned it into a pasta that’s got your starch, protein, and veg all right there in a single pan. Add a green salad and a bowl of cold cherries for dessert, and you’ve got a nourishing meal on your hands..

Chopped Salad with Chicken and Lemon Oregano Dressing

chopped salad with chicken on white plates with blue gingham napkin

If you’re looking for something light, bright, and crunchy, this salad is the ticket. It’s tossed with a lemony dressing seasoned with oregano and a little kick of heat. Make more chicken than you need to use for the chicken salad recipe below. Alternatively, make the salad vegetarian by swapping in one can of chickpeas or four hard boiled eggs for the chicken.


salmon served with green sauce on a white plate or summer vegetable salad served on a plate

I find slow roasting salmon at a low temperature to be a pretty foolproof way to cook it. Spoon herb sauce over the top of your fish and serve with rice or roasted potatoes along with any favorite summer veggie (the corn recipe below would be a tasty side).


This takes all the flavors of elote, Mexican-style street corn, and turns it into a tasty salad. Serve it as a side dish to the Slow Roasted Salmon or Avocado Tacos above.


Two bowls of homemade raspberry sorbet with spoons and a navy polka dot napkin

I love this sorbet so much that I really want you to make it. It’s creamy and tangy, is done entirely in a food processor, has just three ingredients, and will take you about five minutes to make. Head here to see me make it over on Instagram.


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