Weeknight Rescue // March 2021 // Week 11

Peanut butter apple stacks

This week is a mix of old and new recipes that collectively add up to a colorful and nutritious meal plan. I’m personally looking forward to those Trail Mix Apple Stacks and I know that Cajun fish is a hit with seafood lovers. Enjoy.

Oven Baked Chicken Taquitos

Oven Baked Chicken Taquitos

Whether you fill these with what’s left from a roast chicken or pick up a rotisserie one at the store, these are quick to make and tasty with a side of guacamole for dipping. Ripe avocados, a squeeze of lime, and a generous pinch of salt mashed with a fork is all it takes for that guac.

Cajun Fish with Lemon Caper Sauce

cajun fish with yogurt caper sauce

The best way I know to dress up a mild white fish, such as sole or tilapia, is with a favorite spice blend, lemon, with a creamy dressing on the side. This recipe has all three. It cooks up in a matter of minutes and is perfect paired with a salad of arugula or baby greens. Lightly buttered whole grains, such as brown rice or barley, or little roasted potatoes would round out the meal.

Instant Pot Farro Risotto with Mushrooms and Toasted Pecans

Instant Pot Farro Risotto with parmesan and kale in a shallow grey bowl

Hearty and nourishing, this vegetarian supper is so tasty, you won’t miss the meat. You can up the fancy-factor by using morels (now in season) in place of half the creminis. Make it in the Instant Pot if you have one or on the stove top if you don’t (instructions are in the headnote of the recipe).

Healthy Baked Everything Chicken

Everything seasoning chicken breasts on a cutting board

Everything Chicken is my quick fix for a chicken dinner. The options for what to serve alongside are endless…roasted potatoes, Reset Button Salad, or Broccoli with Tahini  Sauce are all fair game.

“Almost Vegan” Linguine with Cauliflower Pecan Alfredo

Linguine alfredo on a dark plate with a fork, parmesan, and pecans

Pasta with cream sauce, only no cream. That luscious texture comes instead from a combo of cauliflower blended with pecans and finished with a shower of Parmesan. If you’re a skeptic, you can watch me make it in this video I did over on Instagram.

Trail Mix Peanut Butter Apple Stacks

Pull this one out of your back pocket to satisfy a hunger fix for breakfast or snack. The juicy, crisp apple makes a tasty base for whatever nut or seed butter you want to spread on top.

Best Avocado Toast with Soft Egg

I got hooked on this a few years ago and it’s still my favorite way to do avocado toast. It’s filling for breakfast, lunch, or even a light supper with a salad on the side. You’ll find my foolproof method for a soft cooked egg in the recipe.


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