Weeknight Rescue//May 2022//Farro and Fig Salad, Afghan Chicken, Pasta with Simple Sauce, Burgers, Cauliflower Tostadas

plate of creamy afghan chicken

I got a jump start on this week’s menu by making a few from the line-up last week. The Afghan Chicken and the Beef and Mushroom Burgers did not disappoint! And if you’ve never done the baked eggs down at the bottom of the menu, they’re so easy and so good. Enjoy!


Farro and Fig Salad with Arugula and Feta

Farro and Fig Salad with Arugula and Feta

This farro is proof that you don’t need meat at the center of the plate to call it dinner. Add a simple vegetable on the side to fill out the meal, such as roasted sweet potatoes . If your crew demands more protein on their plate, toss chickpeas with herbs, lemon and olive oiI or pick up a rotisserie chicken.

Afghan Chicken in Creamy Yogurt Sauce

plate of creamy afghan chicken

This recipe comes to me by way of my friend, Humaira, who is from Afghanistan and skilled in the kitchen. You braise chicken legs and thighs on the stove in a generous amount of turmeric, onions, garlic, and coriander, then stir yogurt in at the very end and top with a heap of fresh cilantro. It’s a real keeper. 

Beef and Mushroom Burgers

Burger with lettuce, onion, and tomato on a thin bun with pickled jalapenos and ketchup on the side

The beef in these burgers is cut with finely chopped sautéed mushrooms, which means the burgers are cheaper, lower in saturated fat, and a little lighter on the planet. More good news? The mushrooms blend seamlessly into the mix and they’re darn juicy.

Pasta with Simple Tomato Sauce

Simple Tomato Sauce for Pasta

This sauce in this pasta is ridiculously simple, boasting just a few ingredients and about 5 minutes of hands-on time. It’s always a hit in my house. Consider making a double batch and stashing the extras in the freezer for your next pizza or pasta night.

Cauliflower Tostadas with Chipotle Sauce

Cauliflower tostadas with avocado, cabbage and chipotle cream with lime slices

Though not exactly traditional tostadas, these are definitely crave-worthy. The dish is on the lighter side, so add a side of homemade or canned pinto or black beans embellished with a spoonful of salsa.

Lighter Green Goddess Dressing

Make a batch of this dressing to stash in the fridge this week. It’s terrific tossed with chopped Romaine, drizzled over roasted vegetables, or with crunchy vegetables for dunking.

Easy Baked Eggs

These are genuinely easy enough to do for a weekday breakfast, but add some chopped herbs and they’re special enough for brunch. For breakfast, I like to add a side of whole-grain toast to dunk into that tender yolk.


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