Weeknight Rescue//Week 12//Spring 2024

Salad with Chicken Skewers

Several of this week’s recipes have been around since the early days of the blog, most especially the Lazy Girl’s Enchilada Pie. And if you’ve yet to make the Sticky Pretzel Cereal Bars…it’s a real winner. Enjoy!

Spring Vegetable Farro Risotto

Spring Vegetable Farro Risotto

Asparagus and peas are the stars of this no-stir, no-fuss oven risotto done with farro instead of rice. It’s wholesome, satisfying, and oh so tasty. If you have a few minutes to spare earlier in the day, prep the asparagus and shell the peas ahead of time (or use frozen peas), so it’s easier to pull together at the dinner hour.

Crunchy Salad with Chicken (or Tofu) Skewers

Salad with Chicken Skewers

I know cold weather cooking tends to lean on hearty soups and starchy sides, but I like to mix in dishes that are on the lighter side. This bright, flavorful salad does it for me every time. Top it with broiled or grilled skewers of either chicken or tofu. Leftovers make an excellent lunch.

Lazy Girl’s Enchilada Pie

I call these enchiladas “lazy” because you layer all of the ingredients in the pan instead of going to the trouble of rolling up each individual enchilada. Any Mexican sides pair deliciously with the cheesy enchiladas, including sour cream, guacamole, pinto beans, extra salsa.  A salad on the side adds nice crunch.

French Lentil Salad with Fennel and Goat Cheese

plate of french lentil salad

I’m crazy about this delicate, nourishing lentil salad. It’s a terrific one to batch cook on a Sunday and enjoy for a few days afterward. Pull it out when you need a simple vegetarian main or to serve as a side dish to fish or chicken. It’s also excellent packed up for work or school lunches.


Easy Pork Chops & Apples

Easy pork chops with apples and maple mustard sauce

This is simple comfort cooking and doesn’t call for anything fancy. The chops are accompanied by a tangy sour cream mustard sauce that is kind of a game changer for the dish. If you don’t have apples, use pears, leave them out, or just serve with a bowl of applesauce.

Brussels Sprouts with Lemon & Pecorino

A refreshing way to prep Brussels sprouts made by running them through a food processor before tossing in olive oil, lemon, pecorino and almonds. This salad is a great batch cooking option, since it lasts a couple of days.

Sticky Pretzel Cereal Bars

This is the perfect after school snack or after dinner treat. It’s crunchy, salty, and sweet all at once, with enough good stuff in there to keep everyone satisfied.


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