Freezer-Friendly Breakfast Egg Wraps

You might think that months of developing recipes for my breakfast cookbook would put a damper on my interest in morning food. But indeed, it has not. In fact, every week I seem to think of something new that I wish had fit into the ...

Celery Salad with Hazelnuts, Dates, and Pecorino

The only time I remember getting worked up about celery was in the 9th grade when I learned that chewing a stalk of celery burns more calories than it contains.  For someone recently indoctrinated into the culture of dieting, this was exciting news. Since then, ...

Easiest Ever Trader Joe’s Black Bean Soup. A 15 Minute Fix.

The group text flashed across my iphone, along with the phones of six other busy moms:  a recipe, delivered in a sort of morse code of cooking instruction, with the enthusiasm of someone with a real gem to share. It read roughly like this: “Great new ...

Easy Recipes, Table Topics & Fresh Ideas


Back in April I gave up sugar for a stretch. It started in solidarity with one of my girls who had elected ...


If ever I were to become addicted to a food, this might be it. Crème fraiche is the crack of the dairy ...


A handful of years ago, I asked my babysitter Sara to pick up some heavy whipping cream for a butternut squash soup ...

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Is “Healthy” a Green Light for “All you Can Eat”?

I came home to a batch of glossy, fudgy brownies on the counter that looked the picture of decadence. The baker behind the batch? Rosie, my middle daughter, who soon appeared in the kitchen to report that they were healthy brownies. “They’re vegan, mom,” she said, rattling off the ingredients. “cocoa powder, coconut oil, walnuts, dates, dark chocolate….” […]


My Week in Food

The week started out BIG. As in a big birthday. Rosie turned sweet 16. To celebrate, I asked my pastry-chef-sister-in-law if she’d host a pastry class for 10 teens. She was all in. After arming the girls with dozens of delicate petit fours and a tutorial on fondant and piping, she set them free to […]


A Sneak Peek at My New Book (and a chance to pre-order)

Have we talked about how bad I am at waiting for good things? For a baby to be born. For birthdays. Summer vacation. For cocktail hour. For a new dress to arrive from Gilt. For dessert. It’s true. And a good thing is happening in August that I can’t wait any longer to share. I […]


Umami Chicken

Who gets to decide that there’s suddenly a “fifth taste”? Weren’t we all  perfectly satisfied with sweet, sour, bitter, and salty?  (Though I have wondered if somebody hadn’t left out spicy). Umami, the fifth taste, was discovered by a Japanese chemist about 100 years ago. He identified a single molecule, glutamate, as being the source of […]


My Week in Food

It was a rolling couple of weeks of spring break over here, since the kids were all on different holiday schedules. We managed to keep busy, though, including this day when my oldest and her friends took the helm in the kitchen, making fresh pasta from scratch. Even better? They invited their moms to dine on […]


10 Simple Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Let’s be honest, most Americans probably don’t have a clue what the sentiment behind Cinco de Mayo really is. It’s much like St. Patrick’s Day: a fun excuse to drink green beer (or green margaritas) and kick up your heels. But, since it’s wise to be well informed, I reached out to my resident expert on Mexican history, otherwise […]


A Cool New Idea To Take the Sting out of Supper

I commend every parent who manages to get dinner on the table and gathers their people around it. Homemade food eaten in community is a good thing for health, wellness, and for family connection. We know this intuitively, and we also have piles of research to back it up. Here’s the rub, though. Churning out dinner […]


Two More Ways for Kids to Get Smart in the Kitchen

Last week’s post, 10 Cooking Skills Every Kid Should Know, generated such interest, I thought I would keep the conversation going by sharing two new resources that have come across my radar recently. Both are useful tools to help children find passion and smarts when it comes to food, cooking, nutrition, and everything in between. […]


Best Dinner Party Dessert: Easy Affogato

Much as I like to cook, when it comes to entertaining, I want to be with my company more than my kitchen. I lean on make-ahead dishes, simple starters, and sweets than can be pulled together with ease. Affogato, a classic Italian dessert, meets all of my criteria for effortless entertaining and has become one of […]



Even if you’ve never purchased a jar of tahini, I imagine you’ve probably eaten it, although you may not have known it. Tahini is a core ingredient in that most popular of Middle Eastern dips: hummus. The taste, when spooned straight up, hints mildly of peanut butter, though it’s thinner in texture and is notably high in calcium (which is […]